March 03, 2015

20 Signs You Were a Cheerleader

I firmly believe that once you're a cheerleader, you're always a cheerleader. As any former cheerleader knows, you never lose your cheer spirit. Cheer is and always will be a part of you. Even on the worst days, you can turn things around with a smile and a good attitude.


1. You have perfected your cheerleader smile. When you meet new people, you give them your best cheerleader smile. When you have your picture taken, you put on your best cheerleader smile. Are you happy? Are you mad? No one will ever know because of your winning smile.

2. When you see cheerleaders, you judge and critique everything. (hair, uniform, motions, stunts, music, routines) Let's be honest. You know you could do it better.

3. Every year, no matter how hard it gets, you attempt back flips, toe touches, splits, and/or kicks just to see if you can still do them. In case you were wondering, I still have an awesome high kick.

4. Thanks to old cheer injuries, your knees, wrists and ankles are starting to give out.

5. You have a closet full of old uniforms and cheer gear that you'll never get rid of.

6. You still own and wear Soffe shorts.

7. When you hear a song from an old routine, you immediately stop what you're doing. If anyone's around, you have to tell them about it. And if you remember the moves, you do them.

8. You emphatically believe cheerleading is a sport. There is no debating this matter. Seriously. None.

9. You know the difference between a clap and a clasp. It annoys you when other people don't understand the difference.

10. You don't count to 10. You count to 8. And if you need to countdown, it's 5-6-7-8 not 1-2-3-4.

11. You have an ear for great cheer music. "Oh, this Uptown Funk song would be great for a routine!" Really, it would.

12. You have a battle wound, scar or permanent injury thanks to cheerleading. I have scars on my knees from cheer practice. You can read about how I got the scars here.

13. Football and basketball games feel like home, but you'd rather be on the sidelines than in the stands.

14. When you're at a game and cheerleaders need crowd participation, you always cheer loudly and get mad when people around you don't.

15. Something will always remind you of the pain and agony of long practices. For me, it's bleachers. Step-ups were the worst!

16. You hope you have a daughter. If you do have a daughter, you hope she cheers. And if she cheers, you hope you can coach.

17. You love it when you find out one of your favorite celebrities was a cheerleader. JENNIFER LAWRENCE WAS A CHEERLEADER! JUST LIKE ME!!

18. When someone says "Ready?", you want to reply with "Ok!"

19. You're a leader by nature. When you see someone organizing a group activity wrong, you step in and show them how it's done. You also understand the importance of teamwork.

20. You've seen Bring It On 872 times and still cry every time the Compton Clovers win the championship. What? Just me?!

March 02, 2015

7 Albums Turning 20 // 1995-2015

I'm a huge music person. I've always got music playing in the car. I listen to music all day at work. I listen to a variety of artists and make sure my kids do the same. As a teen, I would shut myself in my room listening to my favorite songs and albums on repeat. It's hard to believe that the 7 albums below are turning 20 this year. I can remember listening to each of these. It's amazing how a song can immediately take you back to an exact time and place. Each of the songs highlighted below do exactly that. I feel obligated to specifically mention Jagged Little Pill. I listened to it in its entirety this past week. Without a doubt, Alanis stands the test of time. Jagged Little Pill is still one of the best albums of all-time.

Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky

Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

I want you to know, that I'm happy for you
I wish nothing but the best for you both

Dreams last so long
Even after you're gone
I know that you love me
And soon you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you

It's steadily creeping up on the family
Exactly how many days we got lasting
While you laughing, we're passing passing away

Peaches come from a can
They were put there by a man
In a factory downtown
If I had my little way
I'd eat peaches every day

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

I'm going to see Marilyn Manson in concert for the first time next month.
I know he's not for everyone, but I'm extremely excited!

February 27, 2015

What I've Been Up To // February 2015

February has been crazy. The weather has gone from freakishly warm to excruciatingly cold and back again a couple of times. We've had lots of ice and a little bit of snow. Every member of the family fell ill with an evil stomach bug. I missed several days of work. The kids missed almost two weeks of school. I think we're back to normal now. Spring is looking to be rather busy. So, I'm going to try to enjoy what little bit of free time I have left. My house is in complete disarray. There's dirty laundry piled up. There's clean laundry piled up. One of these days, I seriously may splurge and hire myself a maid. #OverIt

What I've Been Reading

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky
Ask the Dark, Henry Turner
Swim, Jennifer Weiner
Dangerous Girls, Abigail Haas (currently reading)

Follow me on Goodreads to read my reviews.

What I've Been Watching

I'm still catching up on these shows, in addition to all the shows on my DVR.

What I've Been Listening To

I started listening to Beck's Morning Phase after it won Album of the Year. I really like it. It's very mellow. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that Kid Rock is my main man. I will love him until the end of days. I still haven't seen the Fifty Shades movie, but I've been listening to the soundtrack for over a week.

What I've Been Wearing

I saw it. I pinned it. I wore it.

What My Kids Have Been Up To

Both kids failed their vision test and had to get glasses. #TheyGetItFromTheyMama

February 23, 2015

2015 Oscar Fashion // Best Dressed

Let's start with Jenna Dewan Tatum in Zuhair Murad. She's quickly becoming one of my favorites. #GirlCrush I went back and forth on whether or not she'd make the final cut for best dressed. I just can't get over how great she looks in this white gown. It's sexy, but not too sexy. I love the pops of silver. Her accessories are perfect. I love her sleek hair and coral lip too. She wore another Zuhair Murad to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. I love it too. Fierce!

Next up, we have Jennifer Aniston in Versace. Jen doesn't usually make my best dressed list because she tends to play it safe. I liked this dress when I first saw it on the red carpet, but it didn't blow me away. When she presented, I was able to see just how pretty it really is. The color, beading and fit are perfect. I don't even hate that the bottom half is sheer. Designers, take note. This is how you do sheer. Her hair and makeup are signature Jennifer Aniston. I can also appreciate that she doesn't have any accessories. Why have them when they aren't necessary? Rachel Green would be so proud.

Before the show started, I predicted Rosamund Pike would finally get red carpet glam right. Up until Oscar night, she'd fallen a little short this awards season. This red Givenchy gown is gorgeous. I don't typically like red dresses. I don't even typically like this style dress. Something about this one stands out. The fit is great. The color is perfect for her. I love that she went with matching red heels. She kept her hair and makeup simple, letting the dress speak for itself. And it says, "Look at us! We're beautiful!" I'm thrilled she got it right.

Two red dresses on my list? I can hardly believe it. Dakota Johnson keeps it simple and chic in this Saint Laurent gown. I think what I love most is the knotted diamond shoulder strap. That's how an ordinary dress goes from nice to wow. Like Rosamund, Dakota kept her hair and makeup simple. I love the pop of color on her lips, the ponytail and wrist bling.

Last but not least, we are down to my absolute favorite. Margot Robbie slayed the red carpet in this Saint Laurent gown with Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. I know this look isn't for everyone, but I love it. The dress itself is extremely simple. It works for two reasons. 1. It fits. 2. It's styled properly. Her sleek bob, red lip and barely there eyeliner are perfect. And the necklace, which I probably wouldn't like any other day, pulls it all together. Without the necklace, I don't think this look would work for the Oscars. I may be alone in this, but I stand by my choice. She looks flawless.

So, who do you have for Best Dressed?

images via People + Us Weekly

2015 Oscar Fashion // Statement Necklaces + Pearls

My best friend Terri wants everyone to know that Gwyneth's dress is her favorite.
I like the fit and color on Gwyneth.
I also love her earrings.
I just can't get on board with the giant shoulder flower.
I think Jessica's hair and makeup are perfect.
I also think navy is a great color for her.
I hate the dress though.
The fit and style are wrong for her body.

I love navy on Sienna.
I wish the dress liner went all the way down.
I like the black velvet piping, but hate the bows.
Her hair and makeup are on point though.
This was so close to being perfect.
Cate's look is simple, but polished.
It looked even better on tv.
Great necklace!

I love this color on Anna.
Her hair and makeup look great.
The fit of the dress is great too.
I just think it's too bridesmaid.
So close!
I love love love Emma.
She almost always gets it right.
This is also close.
I just hate this color on her.
She still looks fabulous though.

I love Rachael's dress!
I just don't love it on her.
I think Jamie looks beautiful.
Her dress is pretty, but something's off.
I think maybe if the bottom were lined in black...

Zoe is another who came close to getting it right.
I love the color and ruching across her mid-section.
The straps and sweetheart neckline totally ruin it for me.
Oprah, girl, you look good!

This yellow dress is beautiful.
I really love it on Jennifer.
Scarlett looks great in green.
I just don't like the whackadoo neckline.
Is it a necklace? Is it the dress?
She looked really pretty though.

Lupita looked stunning in this dress made of pearls.
The color and fit are perfect for her.
Her makeup was just right too.
I love her sense of style.
Reese made a lot of best dressed lists today.
I just don't love it.
The dress is simple and pretty, but I'm bored.
I think her hair is what ruins it for me.
Anyone else think she didn't look like herself?

So, have you figured out who's missing?
My picks for Best Dressed are next!

images via People + Us Weekly

2015 Oscar Fashion // A Familiar Gown

I don't like Behati's dress or hair. It's too severe.
Sophie and Benedict look smashing together.

I adore Eddie, but I never love his tuxes.
Edward Norton is dead sexy. The end.

A lot of people loved Faith's look. I don't.

I love Carell with a beard. His tux is nice too.
I don't love what J.K. and his wife are wearing, but I love him!

I like the top half of Sunrise's dress.
Keleigh's dress doesn't say Oscars to me.

I don't love Paige's dress, but the color is perfect for her.
Do you recognize Luciana's dress?
It's JLo's dress in a different color without a belt.
It's pretty, but it doesn't suit her.

I like Joanna's earrings.
David and NPH are married, so why do their suits clash?

images via People