January 10, 2009

Grey Hairs Are Imminent

I've been on maternity leave for the past eight weeks. I go back to work on Monday. I have mixed feelings, as I'm sure most women do when they go back to work after having a baby. I love having a career, but also love sitting on my butt every day. Ok, I don't sit on my butt every day. I have plenty of things around the house to keep me busy now that I have two kids to look after. It's definitely been a period of adjustment. There's feedings every three hours, endless diaper changes and a three-year-old big brother who needs constant attention. If we can put men on the moon, why can't we have an extra set of eyes for the back of our head? It's not like people haven't been talking about it for years.

Little Bit is 6 weeks old now. She's still brand new, but will grow up before I can truly savor her time as a baby. She's sleeping right now. Little Man is running around in his Batman underwear. If it weren't for my constant reminder to keep underwear on, he'd be sitting here naked to his heart's content. Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. I'm anxious to watch each of them grow to see how different they'll be.

Grey hair is right around the corner.

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