February 23, 2009

2009 Oscars
Final Thoughts

1. Hugh Jackman did an excellent job as host. I was giddy when he mentioned The Dark Knight in his opening act even though it was overlooked for Best Picture.

2. My vote for Best Dressed is Kate Winslet. I think Angelina Jolie and Taraji P. Henson came in a close second and third. Angelina's emeralds almost put her on top.

3. The Worst Dressed would have to be Jessica Biel. I'm sorry. The dress was hideous.

4. I cried for ten minutes when Heath Ledger won.

5. I really wanted Mickey Rourke to win.

6. Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix... hilarious!

7. Overall, the show was great. I could have done without the musical number mid-show, but wasn't bored to tears.

Ok. I'm done with the Oscars. I swear.

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Kate was definitely my choice for best dressed. Beautiful. Stunning.

I think worst dressed is a tie between Jessica Biel and Tilda Swinton. Seriously. What was that outfit all about? Egads!

I didn't care if the award went to Mickey Rourke or Frank Langella. Either would have been great. And both would have been better than Sean Penn.

Thought the musical number in the middle would have been good without Beyoncé. Ugh.

And yes, Ben Stiller was hilarious!

Ok, I think I'm done too...

Aubrey said...

I missed the show BUT not the fashion! I totally agree with your top 3! I could not stop staring at those green rocks on Angelina's ears!

Coming over from SITS to say hello and WELCOME!

Just Lisa said...

I loved all the photos you posted!

Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you join us!