February 26, 2009

It's been a long week.

Little Bit got sick on Tuesday. She spent the day with my in-law's while The Hero and I were at work. My MIL said she'd been sleeping all day in between feedings. She was fine when I got there, but took a quick turn for the worse. She threw up all of her formula. She threw up mucus. She vomited until there was nothing left. She went limp for a minute or two which scared us to death. She was extremely lethargic and unresponsive. Thankfully, she never stopped breathing. I think she was simply exhuasted from throwing up.

We took off to Lebonheur, the local children's hospital. We arrived at 8:00. The waiting room was full. There had to have been close to fifty sick children. I expected a long wait, but had no idea what the night had in store for us. Little Bit was triaged an hour after arriving. Since her vitals were fine, they sent us back to the waiting room. We were eventually put in a room at 10:00. I say room, but a curtain separated us from the other families. We sat there for thirty minutes before a nurse came in. She asked us what was wrong, hooked her up to the monitors and told us the doctor would be in shortly.

Five hours went by without a single person checking on us. With each hour, my baby was getting more dehydrated. (They told me I couldn't feed her until she was seen by the doctor.) When a nurse finally came into our room, she said we were next in line. She'd been calling the doctor and didn't know what the holdup was. Another hour went by. I went to the nurse's station. I firmly stated that I no longer cared what the holdup was because my 3-month-old baby hadn't eaten in nine hours. She'd only had one wet diaper in the last seven. She pointed to the doctor and promised she'd be seeing us next. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the doctor I'd seen walk by us all night long. It no longer made sense that she'd been calling the doctor to see what the holdup was. The doctor, for whatever reason, had been overlooking us. At this point, I started to cry. I was furious.

When the doctor finally came in, she offered a completely different explanation than the one the nurse gave. She said our name wasn't written on some board. She didn't even know we were there. Might I quickly mention that our curtain was open so every passing person could see us, including the ignorant doctor. She was the only doctor seeing patients. How is it possible that she didn't realize we were there? She told me Little Bit would need bloodwork, a catheter and x-rays. The fluids would have to wait until after the x-rays. She got her blood drawn and a catheter put in so she could have her urine tested. After another thirty to forty-five minutes, we were told that her x-rays came back negative. They were checking to make sure she didn't have any kind of blockage in her throat or stomach. My baby was finally given an IV and some Pedialite at 3:00 in the morning. Her last bottle, before she got sick, was at 4:30 the previous afternoon.

We spent a total of eleven and a half hours at the hospital. Thankfully, she's fine now. It was probably a 24-hour-bug. This was, without a doubt, the worst experience of my life. The doctor was a flake. The nurses weren't doing their job. My child went almost twelve hours without fluids. What I've told here isn't even the entire story, but I'm afraid my blood pressure will skyrocket if I think about it any longer. My daughter's health is what's most important. After an entire day of Pedialite, she's back to normal. Thank God.

Considering the awful day she had, Little Bit was a trooper. I think she gets it from her Mommy.

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Karen M. Peterson said...

That's horrible! I hear so many stories like this about hospitals that it just makes me angry.

Your kiddo is a cutie, though!