May 22, 2009

I want to smoosh her banana face!

The Hero and I thought we'd give solids a try since Little Bit will be 6 months old next week. We tried bananas first since those were always her brother's favorite. I should have known she'd be the exact opposite. We won't give up, but only because we hope to see expressions like this again.


Sherrie said...

LOL! Love it! Oh I miss those cute little "baby food" tasting faces. My little guy eats up almost everything in sight now. He loves potatoes...baked, French fries, mashed... you name it. LOL! She's a cutie!

Unknown said...

Love those big blue eyes. I am a firefighter's wife also. We have only been married a couple of years, we are a blended family.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Too cute! Those eyes are so precious!