May 07, 2009

Who do you prefer?

Last night, I watched Transformers with Little Man. I'd only seen it one other time. I forgot how much I liked it. Cars that can transform into robots? Wicked cool. I wish everyone would stop talking about how hot Megan Fox is though. Yes, she's attractive, but I think she's a younger, trashier verson of Angelina Jolie. I'd much rather look at Angelina. Who do you prefer? (It's ridiculous that I'm even asking this question since I only have 1 male follower.)

I also watched American Idol. I wasn't surprised by last night's elimination. I don't think it really matters who goes home as long as it's not Adam. I think it's a pretty safe bet to put your money on him being the next American Idol. I didn't like him at first, but he's grown on me. He's no David Cook, but he'll do.

Speaking of music, guess who's going to see New Kids On The Block in July? I never thought I'd actually go if they came to town, but my fabulous friends and I decided we couldn't pass up the opportunity. None of us were able to see them when we were younger. It'll be like 5th grade all over again. I might even rock a side ponytail for the occassion. I know you're jealous.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. The Hero's birthday is tomorrow. (He'll be 34.) I got him speakers for his truck because that's what he asked for. We're having dinner with his family on Saturday. After dinner, we'll be seeing Wolverine. We always go to the movies for our birthdays. Too bad Terminator Salvation's not out yet. I'd rather see a Christian Bale movie, but won't knock on a shirtless Hugh Jackman. Now that's a better question for the ladies. Who do you prefer? Christian or Hugh? Tough decision considering they're both hot and have sexy accents.

I had no idea where I was going with this post when I started.

Look at what a rambling mess it turned into!


Jay Ferris said...

Megan Fox is a goddess; undoubtedly the Robert Pattinson for my gender. So be nice!

Jessica said...

I think Megan Fox is very attractive..however I do have to agree that she is on the trashier side at times. Lots of potential though. Angelina gets on my nerves for some reason.

Sherrie said...

LOL! I haven't seen Transformers, so I'll opt out of comparing Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie. LOL! And I wasn't shocked with the AI results, either. I'm just glad Danny made it through...his story took my heart, so I'm rooting for him. :) Adam's got some pipes though...and his range...GEEZ!

deb@virginia blue said...

I LOVE David Cook. Adam? Not so much. He can definitely sing, though...I'll give him that.

And I'd totally pick Hugh...Christian is handsome, but Hugh has the accent. That pretty much cinches it for me♥

Karen M. Peterson said...

NOT a Megan Fox fan. At all. She was the one part about that movie that bugged me.

And I totally wanted Adam to go home. Just because it would have been a Chris Daughtry-esque shock to America. That and the fact that Adam Lambert bugs me and, even though he's the best singer in the show, he's kind of overrated.

It's a tough choice between Hugh and Christian. But after seeing Wolverine, I think I'm going with Hugh. (Oh, and shirtless Ryan Reynolds is some nice eye candy, too. Enjoy Wolverine!)

And I'm excited for you going to NKOTB. I wanted to, but I just can't spend any more money on stuff right now.

Kristina P. said...

Definitely Angie. Love her. I know it's not popular to be on Team Jolie, but I totally am.

And I will have sex with Christian Bale in a heartbeat.

Shorty said...

I'm definitely a Megan Fox fan... I can stand any woman who's brazen enough to sleep with a married man, so Angelina is out for me! (I know, it took two to play that game, so I can't stand Brad Pitt, either.) I'm with you, tho, about Hugh vs. Christian. That's a hard choice since they are both so incredibly handsome and built! sorry, I don't follow Idol enough to have an opinion there.

Loved the fun post!

Natalie said...

Hmmm.. Not really sure about the Angie/Megan choice. They're both hot, but I'm not as big of a fan of Angie's since the the whole Jen/Brad thing. Love Jennifer..
The boys you mentioned? Do I have to pick? Can't I just be the middle of a very yummy Christian/Hugh sandwich?

Britt said...

Im gonna go Megan.She is super hot.As for the guys.Christian.hands down!

Amber said...

Sorry, but I'm a Megan Fox fan over Angelina! Angelina is gorgeous too, but I would prefer to look like Megan.

And I would also go for Hugh over Christian. He is so yummy without his shirt....ummm

& I'm definitely an Adam fan too! his range is crazy good! One reason it's not a shocker that Allison went home is that most of the voters are teenage girls voting for the guys, but I don't really care one way or the other, as long as Adam & Danny are in the top 2.

Loved the post! :)

The Rambler said...

I'm sorry YOUR having a crappy week too!

But side ponytails, NKOTB, Angelina for sure, and Hugh shirt or no shirt awesome was your post? Totally. The Right Stuff. (get it, get it...slap my face and I'll stop. I swear)

THANKS for the funny today. Needed the cheering up and you guys rocked.


Mel said...

I love this rambling post. So much fun stuff.

First up: I loathe Angelina. And I dont even know who this Megan chick is BUT she has my vote.

Next: Er, what was next? Um Hugh? Yes Hugh is way sexier than that other bloke.

NKOTB: Seriously? They are putting on a SHOW? The originals? How old are they now? Like 40 or something? I would dig to see that - loved them in my 'youth'. Rock on side pony girl.

Mel said...

oh oh oh. Wait, I need my AI comment noted.

Love Adam. But he wears too much make-up and is a bit toooo diva-ish at times. Am a Danny girl myself. Its gonna be a toss up betw those two.

Here in SA we still have LIL, Alison, Anoop,Chris and the two fav boys Adam and Danny. There rest must "tjaila" now.

"tjaila" prononced chylah means to move out speedily. Its Xhosa slang, one of our local languages.

tiarastantrums said...

I really like Transformers too - and Megan Fox is so gorgeous - so much prettier than Jolie!

I like Hugh much better - for some reason Bale rubs me the wrong way

Imogen said...

Megan's ok but I love Angelina...Let us just say she's the only woman I'd consider turning gay for :P

Adam Lambert has yet to grow on me (maybe I haven't been over-exposed yet, since I don't really live in the US). Granted, he has an amazing voice but something about him really bugs me...

Hope you have fun at the NKOTB party. Must be really retro :) Used to love them back in their heyday -not sure I'd still pay money to go check them out today, though...

Finally, re: Christian vs. Hugh, that's really a non-issue for me! I'd chose the "Australian that played an Australian in a movie called Australia" over Mr. American Psycho, anytime...