June 08, 2009

Gripe of the Day

I refuse to buy another magazine until these four people are out of the spotlight.

Spencer & Heidi

Jon & Kate


Mel said...

I only discovered Jon and Kate once I googled them after reading about them on another US blog. WE dont get the show here. Sounds like a very sad story.

And the Heidi and Spencer peeps? No clue who they are except that they were/are on some reality show for celebs? And I consider myself quite up on pop culture!!! Clearly I am missing a few pieces of the picture.

Lady Jane said...

I am sooooo with you!! Although..I steal read the articles, why??? Why????

Shorty said...

I agree.... I can't stand it when tv hogs are given exactly what they want. I like the behind the scenes actors who try as hard as possible to have a normal life. I don't follow the paparazzi hogs.

valentine said...

oh.my.goodness yes! i hate how magazines absolutely overkill on celebs. who cares about these people anymore? (who ever cared about them in the first place?)

i must admit i think spencer/heidi worse than jon/kate. speidi are just such attention whores, everything they do is centered around if a camera is pointed at them. they are very pathetic.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Right there with ya, my friend!

Especially on the Heidi and Spencer one. I canNOT stand them! And I just get more and more irritated every time one of them has the nerve to pollute the air by opening their mouths.

Jon and Kate just make me sad. Those poor kids.

Shannon said...


My hubs was flipping through channels and stopped in that crap of a show, "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!"... I yelled at him to turn the channel,'cause I wasn't about to let those two twits get any airtime in my house. I was thisclose to lunging at my husband to pry the remote out of his hand when he wasn't changing the channel fast enough...