June 18, 2009

Let me share my fashion finds with you.

I've been frustrated with my wardrobe lately. I'm tired of buying poorly made clothes. They look great on the hanger, but end up looking old and worn out after a few washes. I have two new shirts with holes in them. Why is it so hard to find well made clothes at an affordable price?

I decided to buy a few staple pieces to mix in with what I already have. The first two are from Victoria's Secret. I already own both in other colors. I love the shirt in yellow, so I bought another in white. White, as we all know, goes with everything. I also picked up a pair of their Christie Fit dress pants in grey. I already have them in black and tan. They are the best dress pants I've ever owned. If you're ever in need of pants for work, these are the best. They have them in different styles depending on what you're looking for. They are sized by waist and length, so you can get the perfect fit. They're also on sale!

The rest of the items are from Chadwick's. I've never ordered from Chadwick's, so I'm taking a bit of a chance. If something doesn't work out, they have a great return policy. Now all I need are some accessories to go with my new clothes!

Both VS and Chadwick's are having great sales right now.

So, tell me. Where's your favorite place to shop for clothes?


Anonymous said...

Workpants = HOT

stilettochicken said...

Love the look of the Christie pants... I MAY just have to go buy a couple of pairs now and try them out.

Clothes shopping? Huh? What's that? Crap... I stopped doing that like four years ago. (Just about as long as I've been saying I'm gonna lose 10 lbs... coincidence?)

That's it... I'm goin' shopping!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

I've ordered from Chadwick's a few times... and have never had any problem with returns.

My fave place to shop is Old Navy!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

gap and old navy are my tried and true... but they do get worn out and grubby looking pretty fast

TLF said...

I want those pants.. But ONLY if they make me have an ass like hers!

Shorty said...

I hate it when stuff wears out too fast, too. Especially if I pay full price for it! I usually shop at Banana Republic or Nordstrom and their stuff has lasted me awhile. Ann Taylor is another place (not Loft) that I can buy clothes that will be there for me for years to come. Anthropologie is good, too, but very pricey so I only get to shop there when I have gift money!

Sherrie said...

Clothes sure aren't made the way they used to be. I am notorious for getting holes right in the middle of the bottom front. It happens on nearly EVERY darn shirt I buy, and I haven't the foggiest what causes it or WHY it happens!

I usually just grab my clothes at Kohl's or Target. It's cheap enough for me to toss if it gets trashed being as I'm a SAHM, and I'm a tad bit frumpy on most days. :)

Dee said...

I need to add a little more fashion to my wardrobe after this baby gets here!