June 12, 2009

The Talk of Tinseltown
I Love Celebs

If you know me, you know I love celebrities. I love the gossip. I love the clothes. I love the drama. I love the Hollywood lifestyle. Do I believe everything I read? No. Do I still read it anyway? Yes.

I've decided to compile a weekly recap of what's happening in Tinseltown. With pictures! I'll put one together every Friday. If you enjoy this as much as I do, share it with your friends.

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt broke up. People say he tried to extend his '15 minutes of fame' by being with her. I'm still waiting on her 15 minutes to be up!

Sarah Palin's mad at David Letterman over a joke he cracked about her teenage daughter. Letterman said an awkward moment occurred for Palin when, during the seventh inning of a Yankees game, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. *snort*

Adam Lambert admits to being gay in this month's Rolling Stone. Wait! What? This guy is gay? I'm floored.

Madonna's adoption of a little girl from Malawi was approved today. It's too bad for the girl's dad. He still wants to keep her. I bet he could if he did Pilates and had a fake British accent.

Ashton Kutcher put his foot in his mouth when he Twittered about his disdain for signing autographs. He'd rather talk to his fans and have a moment with them. I forgive him, but only because he's hot.

Does anyone else want to be that toothpick right about now?

Bret Michaels was in the news on two separate occasions this week. Yes, hell has frozen over.

1. He had his nose broken when he 'missed his mark' at the Tony Awards.
2. He admits to holding off on taking his insulin so he can have better sex.

Way to be a better man, Brett.

Megan Fox does not want to be compared to Angelina Jolie. I feel for you, Megan. I really do.

Shia LaBeouf admits to smoking weed and seeing his parents have sex.

"The lights are bright in Hollywood, but only if they're on."


Meagan said...

I love it! Great job! Can't wait for more.

Kristina P. said...

Yes, I knew about every single one of these, sadly.

And who in the hell is comparing Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie? What an insult to Angelina.

Oh, and I saw Paris Hilton on The View last week, and she was playing coy about getting married to Reinhardt. All the women kept saying she was glowing and how she looked "different" this time. Hahaha!

valentine said...

i love how a week a go paris was saying they were gonna get married, and now they split? too hilarious!

Sherrie said...

Love it. I look forward to reading your celebrity recap each Friday. You can keep me "in the know" b/c otherwise...I have no clue. :)

TLF said...


Unknown said...

I totally don't get the Letterman joke. Am I missing something or have I had one too many glasses of wine tonight.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Ahh, celebrity gossip!

Personally, I didn't think Letterman's joke was funny, but then I don't really think much of anything Letterman says is funny...

And I'm with Kristina. Comparing Megan Fox to Angeline Jolie is such an insult to Angelina. I can't stand Megan Fox. And her last name does NOT fit.

Mel said...

So fun to read this....while on holiday. WTG

Ashley said...

check out my blog-- you won!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog (from Karen's)! I don't think the David Letterman joke was out of hand because he didn't mean the young 14 year old daughter like Palin and her husband thought...he was referring to Bristol or whatever-her-name-is who has already been pregnant and is 18 now. So, I don't see why he had to apologize. He was mistaken which daughter was at the ballgame. Just my opinion!

Lady Jane said...

The new Perez Hilton. Yaaaa!!!! I like your commentary much more!!

The Rambler said...

Awesome post!

And yes...Paris Hilton...are you still around?

Carlito86 said...

Great post! Aww man I think Megan Fox is better than Angelina..I can't stand Angelina!

And I can't stop looking at that toothpick. *drool*

Shannon said...

Megan Fox annoys me. Have you read her interview in the latest Entertainment Weekly? UGH.

Little Pods Clothing said...

i hate paris with the heat of 1,000 suns, and dont really care for Madonna or Megan fox either. maybe i just hate people in general. ;)