July 22, 2009

Back To It

I didn't work on Monday or Tuesday. I've got plenty to keep me busy now that I'm back so this will have to be short and sweet. There are pictures, but I haven't had time to edit them. I promise to share a few when I'm done. No, really. I promise!

Friday - We had dinner with my husband's parents and niece on Friday night for my father-in-law's birthday. We had BBQ Chicken Nachos. I had seconds.

Saturday - The Hero was at the fire station. The kids and I picked up a few necessities at Target. We also picked up the first Transformers movie on DVD for $10. We stayed indoors, watched Transformers at least 2 or 3 times and pretty much stayed in front of the tv all day. There was a SpongeBob SquarePants marathon on from Friday night until Sunday night. Nickelodeon, you can lay off the SpongeBob for a while. I recorded enough episodes to last us a few months.

Sunday - I took Little Man to the Pink Palace. My main reason for going was the dinosaur exhibit. I knew Little Man would love it. I was right. He was impressed. I was not. I had a free pass so I'll keep the complaining to a minimum. We also watched an IMAX film called Under the Sea. I bought Little Man some dinosaur rain boots in the gift shop. He loves them more than the trip itself. They were worth every overpriced penny. He hasn't taken them off since.

Monday - My mom and I spent the day with Little Man. We went to the zoo bright and early. We walked all over the zoo and saw as many animals as we could. Little Man's favorite is always the small indoor aquarium. He loves fish. After the zoo, we grabbed lunch at El Chico. After filling our bellies with delicious Mexican food, we hit up the Children's Museum. It was amazing. Little Man ran around and played for hours. They had a grocery store for little people, a disco room, a police car, a fire truck, a construction site, a reading room, an area for dress up, as well as many other games and activities for kids. He had so much fun. We'll definitely be going back.

Tuesday - My mom and I had lunch at Chili's and saw The Hangover. It was hilarious. I laughed until I cried several times. My poor mother snorted really loudly when all was quiet. I can't remember which part she was laughing at, but I nearly peed my pants laughing at her. Last night, my mom watched the kids so The Hero and I could see the new Harry Potter movie. I jumped on the Potter bandwagon late. I didn't start reading the books until the last one came out. I eventually read them all and caught up on the movies at home. This was our first time seeing one of them in the theatre. We loved it.

They showed the New Moon trailer before the Harry Potter movie. I squealed and squeezed The Hero's arm. I didn't feel so bad once I realized the girl in front of me was doing the exact same thing to her man. There were also a few yells coming from the front of the theatre.

Ladies, what did we do before vampires?


Carlito86 said...

Heres another one of those girls that was yelping at the New Moon trailer before HP came on! Ahh ... so excited :) x

The Rambler said...

I'm serious.

What did WE do before vampires.


Kristina P. said...

Allright, I need to go and see The Hangover!

Becky said...

I don't know what we did before vampires, but before Twilight and Trublood, I must have been lost....!

Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS day!

valentine said...

hey as long as you are on the HP bandwagon, it doesn't matter how late you got on. i was the same way with the twilight books. i didn't start reading them until about a month before the movie came out. now that is late LOL

Amber said...

The Hangover was awesome!

Ah, I feel like I can't wait any longer for New Moon! I might explode!

Shalee- Be Speechless said...

Thank you for visiting me on my SITS day!

I love your blog and I love vampires too.

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's so funny because when we went to see Harry Potter and the New Moon trailer started, just about everyone in our theater cried, "NOOOOO!"

Seriously, The Hangover is HILARIOUS, is it not??

And it looks like you had a lot of fun with the kiddos. Those are good times.