July 10, 2009

The Talk of Tinseltown

It's been a slow week for celebrity news once you get past the Michael Jackson media circus. I had to dig deep for the content of this post. You'll see what I mean when you come to the end.

Emma Watson accidentally flashed her panties at the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film. She told David Letterman, "At least I was wearing underwear!" Emma gets two thumbs up for covering her assets.

Britney Spears dyed her hair, took her sons to the Eiffel Tower and forgot to wear a bra again.

Kim Kardashian put on a lot of makeup, showed up to an event and blew bubbles. If you make a sex tape and have one semi-famous parent, you too can be famous.

Lady Gaga modeled clothes from the Planet Szorf.

Zac Efron cut his hair.

Halle Berry's baby daddy, Gabriel, took their little girl swimming. You're welcome.

The Talk of Tinseltown was brought to you today by...

Tom Cruise


Kristina P. said...

Why does Brittany's hair still look so trashy!?!?!

And my coworkers and I will be staging an intervention for a coworker who loves Lady Gaga. She is INSANE.

The Blonde Duck said...

Thanks for popping by on my SITS day!

Lady Gaga is nuts!

Amber said...

You would think with all the money Britney has that maybe she could make herself look a little better...maybe put some money into a better weave and invest in a bra! lol!

Shorty said...

Great pics... they cracked me up. And, I hate seeing Britney's lack of undergarments... again!!!

The Rambler said...

I forget about everything else as soon as I saw the Halle Berry's baby daddy photo. Wowza....yum.

The baby daddy. He was yum. Just to clarify :)

valentine said...

lady gaga is so bizarre! that is all i can say about her.

i am soooo glad zac cut his hair, it was really beginning to irk me.

i love emma watson. i can't believe she totally flashed some undies! she is still adorable, even after this.

Karen M. Peterson said...

What is that dress young Emma is wearing?? It looks like it's probably cute, but why is it wide open??

And seriously, Lady Gaga needs to go back to the mother ship. She crazy.

constancecomments said...

Hallie Berry is one smart woman.