July 17, 2009

The Talk of Tinseltown

I think I only have one male follower so this picture is for him. (Hey, you over there... the tall one!) It's not really news, but Holly Madison has a 2010 calendar coming out. Do you think the photographer noticed her bikini bottom? It's about 3 sizes too small. If you're wanting to show off some skin, go with a thong. I personally think it looks stupid to have that much crack showing without being naked.

Mischa Barton was involuntarily placed on a 5150. If you're not familiar with the term, it basically means you've gone batshit crazy. All kidding aside, she's either a threat to herself or to others. I think she's heading down the same path as Lindsay Lohan, minus the lesbian catfights.

Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the day before her birthday because he found text messages from John Mayer in her phone. Tony has since been drowning his sorrows in alcohol because he wants her back. I think Tony should focus on football. I think Jessica should find a new hobby because singing just isn't her thing. I'm trying to think of something for John Mayer to do.

Amy Winehouse is single and ready to mingle. Her divorce from Blaaaaake, as she so affectionately called him, was finalized this week. I feel for her. It's going to be hard replacing this piece of meat.

I know! I know! John Mayer and Amy Winehouse can write a song together. That should keep them busy for at least a week or two.

Janet Jackson is also newly single. I think she needs to become friends with Jennifer Aniston. They can go speed dating and sign up for eHarmony.

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl have a new movie, The Ugly Truth, coming out next Friday. This may or may not be news to you. I simply wanted an excuse to post this picture. She's gorgeous. He's hot. The end.

The Talk of Tinseltown was brought to you today by...

Lindsay Lohan


Lady Jane said...

Seriously, love your ending

valentine said...

what a great talk of tinseltown!

holly- maybe they thought it'd be cute to do the coppertone girl.

mischa- i have never cared for her. don't think she is all that talented. maybe she just realized it too.

jess- who struggles to get over john mayer? i mean srsly, the dude's head is a pumpkin

amy- train wreck. nuff said

Amber said...

Gerard Butler is soooo hot! yummy!

Mischa Barton had so much going for her & now she looks like someone living on the streets.....sad.

Dumb Mom said...

Love your blog since I'm a huge celebrity stalker. Only mag I read cover to cover is US Weekly (and I buy it Every. Single. Week.). Gonna have to share you w/BFF she shares my unnatural obsession. Thanks for coming by my place so I could find you:)

Jay Ferris said...

I see no problems whatsoever with her bikini bottom.

And did I say thank you yet?

Natalie said...

Is that seriously Mischa? That's insane how crazy she looks.

And I can not wait for that movie. I think it screams girls' night!

Calamity Jill said...

I just love these.

TLF said...

Something for John to do...???..ME!!!!!!