August 24, 2009

What did you call me?

I had several nicknames growing up. The first, Boomer, is from early childhood. I don't know whether my mom or dad started it. I also don't recall how or why it started. What I do know is that my mom still calls me Boomer from time to time. I know she does it to get on my nerves. When she calls me Boomer, I call her by her first name.

In high school, I had a couple of nicknames. The first being Musty. With my real name being Misty, this was the easiest variation. The guys especially liked it. Even though it's not a flattering nickname, I learned to deal with it.

Another was Mistro, pronounced like maestro. Angie, a girl I cheered with, came up with this one. I guess you could say it's also a variation of Misty. It stuck all through high school. Girls and guys called me Mistro for at least two or three years. It has always been my favorite nickname.

Cha Cha would be another. It didn't last long, but always makes me cackle when I think of it. If you've seen Grease, you're familiar with Cha Cha. She's the girl Danny took to the dance when he was broken up with Sandy. I reenacted a scene of hers in class one day. This guy, Adam, cracked up and never let me live it down. He was always asking me to do the Cha Cha thing again. It never fails to make me smile when I think about it.

What are your nicknames?

I stole this post idea from Shorty.


Jennifer said...

My first nickname was given to me by my father... he used to call me "Squirt", probably because I was the baby in the family. Honestly, I never really asked. Next up was "Jeffiner". It was given to me because my cousin could not pronounce Jennifer. Somehow it became "Niffa" short for Jennifer, and now it's just "Niff".

Karen M. Peterson said...

I would never admit it to the friends that STILL call me this, but my favorite nickname (because it makes me laugh) is Wiener.

It all started one day when we were talking about marriage and changing names. We talked about horrible names we wouldn't want to have like Butts or Tittensohr. I said the one last name I would absolutely refuse is Wiener.

So they've called me that ever since.

valentine said...

i don't really have any nicknames, my mom sometimes calls me a shortened version of my real name, but then i'd have to reveal my real

but you know, my pseudonym is really growing on me, i think i am starting to get confused as to who i really am! lol

by the way, glad that we are still friends :)

Natalie said...

I've been Peanut, Punkin, Good Girl, Nat, and Britches (yeah, I don't know either). The hubby refers to me as Turbo. Maybe it has something to do with the whole lack of patience thing... who knows?!

Unknown said...

My nickname growing up was "Pete" because I had a maga crush from frist grade to eighth on Peter Ward, a neighbor of mine who was 3 years older than I. My brother recognized the crush, started calling me Peter, then later shortened it to Pete.

cute baby on your blog. just stopping by from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

KK said...

Cha Cha did have the worst reputation! My niece and nephew call me KK because my nephew couldn't say Aunt Kim when he was little.

Jay Ferris said...

Boomer because you were a gassy baby? And I wish what the kids called me in high school would have been half as sweet as Musty is.

Anonymous said...

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TLF said...

I love nicknames.
The only one I ever had growing up was from my grandpa.. He called me Molly. I have no idea why. Ha!