September 24, 2009

Currently, Can't Stop Eating Twix

I haven't done one of these since July.

Current Book
I started reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It's the first book in a trilogy about vampires, werewolves and other fictional creatures. The books were recommended by a fellow Twilighter. I'm only two chapters in so I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

Current Album
Sci-Fi Crimes, Chevelle

Current Songs
Diva, Beyonce
Jars, Chevelle
anything by Lady Gaga

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure
I'm not a big chocolate person most of the time. I'd rather eat an entire bag of potato chips. Lately, I've been craving Twix.

Current Drink
always Coca-Cola

Current Favorite Blog
letters from valentine

Current Wishlist
I want a fall wardrobe which inlcludes gorgeous sweaters, tall boots in both black and brown, an adorable peacoat, and a luscious deep purple handbag.

Current Needs
more sleep

Current Triumph
I haven't broken any of my fake nails.

Current Favorite Film
I'm still stuck on Inglourious Basterds. It was kick ass.

Current Celebrity Crush
I'm going with Simon Baker since The Mentalist premieres tonight.

Current Indulgence
Remember the Twix I told you about? Yum.

Current Outfit
khaki cardigan, lime green tank, khaki dress pants from Victoria's Secret

Current Bane of My Existence
I can't stay focused. My mind hops from one thing to the next and back again.

Current Excitement
New Moon comes out in 56 days!

Current Mood

Current Picture


Amber said...

oooo a deep purple handbag would be so cute with fall outfits!

i also indulged in a twix tonight...shh!

ah New Moon, I just can't wait!

Beck said...

I can't wait for New Moon!! It's going to be AMAZING! I am going to be at that first 12am showing, if it kills me, dammit!

This idea of currents is so cute, I am totally stealing it for my blog (;

Have a great weekend!