September 29, 2009

Open Letters to the
Cast of the New 90210

Dear Annie and the actress who plays you,

You both need acting lessons. I can't wait until the police find out you killed a homeless man. I'm hoping it will mean an end to your character's storyline. I despise you.

Dear Adriana,

You're really pretty. I'm counting down the weeks until you get yourself in trouble again. Will it be drugs? Will it be Teddy? I'm thinking both.

Dear Kelly,

I don't think I'm alone when I say this. How in the hell did you end up being a Guidance Counselor?

Dear Rumer Willis,

I didn't know you were going to be on 90210. Good for you. Want to know what's not good for you? That red hair.

Dear the guy who plays Teddy,

You shouldn't be playing a high school kid when you look thirty-five. Just sayin'.

Dear Silver,

I love your new haircut. I'm going to print off this picture and show it to my stylist. I hope you don't mind.

Dear Mr. Matthews,

Please shave. Some guys can pull off the scruffy look. You cannot.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Principal,

Find a marriage counselor, quick. Affairs and divorce are imminent.

Dear Dixon,

You're really going to date a chick who's already graduated from college? Really? Girlfriend could go to jail.

Dear Naomi,

You are such a bitch. I love you!

PS: I can't wait until you find out Liam slept with your sister. CATFIGHT!

Dear Liam,

Tell Naomi what you did. Pretty please!


Kate said...

I love this open letter to 90210! I am going to steal it for my blog with my own comments and link back to you - hope that is ok with you :-)

Anonymous said...

Eh, okay... so I watch 90210 even though I feel old watching it, but whatever. Shenae Grimes (Annie) is a bit of a bad actress, and she's been irking me a lot lately, too. I do, however, love how she got back at Naomi. I love when the good girl becomes a bitch. Love. It. And I especially love what I think she's about to do to that older guy who took the pic of her. (I think she's gonna mess with him since he did that to her! Good for her!) But that said, I love Naomi too (though I don't particularly think I'd like AnnaLynne McCord in real life) because she's such a bitch. Reminds me of me. :) Liam is super hot. Teddy is a skeezer, who really does look 35. And I agree that Silver and Adrianna are beauties. :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Trevor Donovan is NOT 35. He is ONLY 31. :-)

I'm thinking it would be pretty awesome if Annie got put away...or worse. Totally not what you expect to happen to the good girl. I don't think her acting is that bad, I just think her character is seriously annoying these days.

And I do love Silver's hair.

TLF said...

Ad is looking SO. MUCH. BETTER. this season! The long hair is great for her. Same for the Silver makeover. She's growing on me too.. ;)
I'm just thankful Ethan is finally gone! That kid had nothing.. No storyline, No family, No regular friends. No wonder he decided to stay out of town with his distant family member.

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

Your post made me laugh!!! lol. Annie is soooo annoying - my husband and I make fun of her every show. And yes, I said my husband because he actually watches it with me and loves it as much as I do, LOL, even though he might argue otherwise ;) I love Naomi too! My husband actually met her at a Playboy Mansion party this past Feb and said she is SO nice!! And I love Adriana, she's so damn gorgeous it makes me sick! This season is going to be a good one =)

Amber said...

The girl that plays Annie needs some major acting lessons. I guess they just picked her because she was super skinny & "innocent" looking.

I have a girl crushes on Silver & Adriana...well not really girl crushes, just the fact that I wish I could look more like them. lol!

& Teddy definitely looks waaay older than a high schooler. Why do they do that in shows???

The Rambler said...

I can't do it....I od'd on the original and I just can't say those 5 numbers together....I just can't.

Most awesome letters though!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Well said my bloggy friend! I couldn't agree more...especially with the letter to Annie....

Unknown said...

This is great - I am loving your blog! Can't wait to read more....