October 13, 2009

Things You May Not Know, Part I

If you aren't reading Letters from Valentine, there's something wrong with you. If you are reading Letters from Valentine, there's something wrong with you. Kidding. Sort of. Anyway, the co-conspirators of this blog are awesome, and gave me the idea for this post.

I can't cook,


or whistle.

I've never seen Mary Poppins,

Office Space

or When Harry Met Sally.

I don't think Seinfeld

or Family Guy are funny.

I've never watched an episode of Survivor.

I've never been to Disney World.

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Amber said...

Wow we are so alike! Well I can (kinda) cook & I can (kinda) whistle, but all the other stuff is true about me too. lol!

Ally Wasmund said...

oh no, you haven't seen Office Space?! That movie is hilarious..well, it's hilarious if you work all day in a cubicle. ha ha

I didn't think Seinfeld was funny either. Nor have I ever been to Disney World. Or all the other ones you have on here..I am so with ya!

Happy day!

Anonymous said...

I don't like Seinfeld, and Family Guy pisses me off because their jokes are in such bad taste.

Kate said...

You need to watch Office Space. It's hilarious.

Kimi said...

I do read Letters and hello there is totally something wrong with me. I love these posts. If I get really brave I may put up one of my own.

valentine said...

i can't cook or sew. i am a domestic engineer school dropout.

thanks for the awesome shout out!

TLF said...

OMG. You're weird. Why are we friends?
1. Who has NOT seen Mary Poppins?
2. I just told Duffy this morning that I'm buying him Office Space.
2. Hate Seinfiel.
3. Hate Family Guy.
4. Survivor is okay.
5. Was too young to remember Disney.

Unknown said...

I can't snap. Even my small children mock me.

A Real Housewife said...

Office Space is a CLASSIC. I, too, do not find Seinfeld or Family Guy funny. I just don't get FG at all.

Jay Ferris said...

I totally would have guessed all of those things about you. Except for the whistling part, which makes me wonder how you effectively ogle all the hot tail that walks past your construction site.

Mrs. M said...

Great list - and I think your first sentence sums up their blog (which I follow) entirely! ;-)

Ashley said...

I never watch Family Guy or Survivor, and I do not think Office Space is funny either!
I probably saw Mary Poppins as a kid, but I have no memory of it. I have been to Disney, but WOULD NEVER go there again unless I have kids who BEG me to go! I have no idea how grown people go there without kids!! Weird.

Side Street Style said...

haha this post is great....I can't whistle either...wish i could though...wicked blog :)

Laura dropping in from SITS


Unknown said...

I think you'll love When Harry Met Sally and Office Space. Add to your Netflix!