November 09, 2009

Favorite New Shows, 2009

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you know I love Modern Family and Cougar Town. These two shows keep me in stitches from start to finish. Wednesday night has quickly become my favorite night for television.

Modern Family

"Guilt fades. Hardware is forever."
"Act like a parent. Talk like a peer. I call it peerinting."
"Wow, you did it. You made figure skating sound even gayer."
"Really, you thought ghetto fabulous might be medically relevant?"

Cougar Town

"Oh my God, my pores look like bullet holes!"
"I have so many chin whiskers I look like carny folk."
"Run from this backwoods loser like he’s actually trying to kill you."
"I can't believe I was married to a guy who keeps his driver's license in a box."


G said...

I haven't seen either. But I'll trust any vamp lover.

Kristina P. said...

I never started CougarTown because the title was so lame.

And I only watched the pilot of Modern Family. I took it off my DVR. It didn't hold my attention, and I already have too much TV to watch!

Anonymous said...

I've seen previews for both and they look hilarious! I just don't have time for much TV nowadays...I'll wait until they come out on DVD to watch them.

Lame, huh. I like to be a year behind on everything. ☺

Ally Wasmund said...

oh i agree. these two shows are hilarious!

Kris said...

I love both of these shows too. My only complaint is that Courtney Cox's voice is always so shrill. It never bothered me on Friends, but it bothers me now.

Mrs. M said...

You can hang out with me any time on a Wednesday night! ;-)

Mel said...

we dont have them in SA yet...hopefully soon. Is that monica and chandler in the first show?

The Rambler said...

Me and Modern Family are like this...(Fingers crossed tightly)

Cam and "Feel" are my FAVORITE!!

The episode where he had to shoot his son for shooting their daughter almost had me peeing my pants.


i too am a fan of modern family and just caught cougar town for the first time last week and thought it was pretty darn funny too. i'm a reality junky so it is hard to reel me into the 'fake' stuff. ha!

Unknown said...

Those are my favorites too. Although Courney Cox looks way to skinny to me. Maybe I'm just secretly jealous.

Mikayla said...

I love Modern family!
haha figure skating was my favorite one yet!
but cougar town? eh not so much.

KK said...

I'm also enjoying those 2.

McMrs said...

love both of these shows! Cougar town especially!