January 18, 2010

2010 Golden Globes Fashion
Gorgeous Gents

Gerard Butler is hot.
Robert Downey Jr. is a cutie pie.
I'm not a Chace Crawford fan. I don't get it.
Colin Farrell's still got it.
Ryan Kwanten is a babe.
Taylor Lautner... He's not 18 yet. Isn't he a doll?
Mike Tyson looks pimp.
Simon Baker is a fox.
Sam Worthington is my latest crush. (I saw Avatar last night.)

You didn't actually think I'd talk about their tuxes, did you?

Top to Bottom: Cory Monteith, Gerard Butler, Eric Stonestreet, Robert Downey Jr., Chace Crawford, Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Kwanten, Taylor Lautner, Matthew Morrison, Ty Burrell, Mike Tyson, Simon Baker, Sam Worthington, Jon Hamm


Salt said...

I thought nothing of the tuxes. *averts eyes from Taylor Lautner jailbait*

Amber said...

Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell, and Taylor Lautner....ummmmm.....

Macey said...

Um, okay, so I hate to have to do this...(no i don't) but I've said it before and I'll say it again...I got dibs on Taylor. He's MINE. I don't care that I could be his mom if I'd have been a slutty teen. He's MINE. :)

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Mike Tysons cameo made me so happy (and so did the fact that The Hangover won!)

Karen M. Peterson said...

It looks like Mike Tyson is wearing a hat. It made me giggle.

Amanda said...

I loved how handsome Zachary Levi looked.