January 12, 2010

iLove Tuesday Tunes
Smells Like Teen Spirit

While sitting in the car at Sonic yesterday, I came up with the idea of iLove Tuesday Tunes. Since music is right up there with Coke, vampires and shiny gadgets, I thought I'd share some of my favorite songs with you on Tuesdays. It'll be a great way to reminisce, discover and share the music we love. If you like the idea, snag the button below and link up.

This Tuesday's song is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I immediately think of seventh grade when I hear this song. There was a long hallway in the high school I attended. It was filled with lockers and open doors to classrooms. Several times a week, someone would flick the light switch at the end of the hall. Every single time the lights went out, myself and two others would start singing.

With the lights out it's less dangerous
Here we are now entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now entertain us

No matter how many times this happened, it never got old. When I hear this song, I'm a thirteen-year-old girl in a flannel shirt, worn jeans and fake Doc Martens. The love of Smells Like Teen Spirit catapulted my love for Nirvana. To this day, Nirvana's MTV Unplugged in New York is one of my all time favorite albums.

If you want to participate, snag the button and share your link below.


sarah said...

a woman who loves kurt cobain is a woman after my own heart. love, love, love that song (and album!) awesome choice!!

Ed said...

Our Sonic is closed for the winter.

I blame Courtney Love for that also!

Macey said...

Ha! I'm with Ed! Great idea, btw!

Anonymous said...

Super cute idea!

Unknown said...

OMG - I think we may have been seperated at birth! I rocked the flannel, fake docs and swooned to Nirvana, too. Aaah ... brings me back to junior high and the grunge look! LOL!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I was a sophomore in high school when that song hit the airwaves. I never could figure out the lyrics, but I still loved it.

This is a really fun idea. I might have to participate once in awhile.

Kris said...

Dude, you just made me feel old by saying you were in 7th grade when that song came out. Siiigh. Liking this idea though!

Salt said...

SUCH a great album. I love Nirvana and used to have a huge crush on Kurt Cobain before I knew any better. My first CD I ever owned was Nevermind.

I remember when he died and my friend Jessie was laying on the floor in the hallway at school kicking and screaming. It was a bit much, but I was still so sad about it.

The Rambler said...

Ooooo...I'm going to join this next week.

Mmmmm...let me rifle through the Itunes library. :)

Mrs. M said...

I put in my senior year yearbook that that was my favorite song and my friend thought it was some sort of joke (I don't think she had heard of the song and thought I just pulled that song title out of a hat or something). Ah, the memories. :)

Amber said...

I still listen to Nirvana. Brings me back.

Love the idea!

Amanda said...

I love Nirvana and especially Smells Like Teen Spirit. I never get tired of listening to the 90's grunge.