January 24, 2010

2010 SAG Awards Fashion
Best Dressed

The dress. The hair. The jewels. The red lipstick. It's all perfect.

Diane Kruger


Unknown said...

I agree. That is the epitome of Hollywood glamour.

valentine said...

if anyone else wore that dress, they would look terrible wearing a baby poo colored dress. on her, it seems to work.

you have an award, stop by to pick it up.

Tammy said...

I had to follow you once I saw your picture wearing a Forks shirt...and I now see you are a huge Twilight fan. I live about 2 hours from Forks. I love, love, love Edward!

Just popping in from SITS!

Mommy Kennedy said...

Coming by through SITS!

Happy Monday. Sounds like you are a very talented lady reading your profile. Good for you!

Salt said...

100% agree. The only accessory I don't agree with is Pacey from Dawson's Creek.

Unknown said...

Ooooh I do love a good awards fashion discussion!

I hadn't seen Diane Kruger's dress until now and somehow she does carry off a not-great colour very well. Much better than last week's dress IMO.

Funny how some people looked fab last week at the GGs, some looked great this week - not many got it right both weeks.

Meryl Streep - terrible dress, hideous - same as Sandra Bullock.

Penelope Cruz - LOVE love love her but yes, her dress WAS boring.

Kyra Sedgewick, her face looks so impossibly young that whenever I see her it's ALL I see, I barely notice what she is wearing!

Justin T...ugh. The Baldwins...cute....Jeremy Irons....ugh!

Really liked Christina Applegate, Julianna Margulies, Lea Michele (who I think is the only actress I have seen who looked gorgeous both weeks), Mariska Hargitay and Julie Benz.

You are so right about Drew B....on first glance, I just thought "ugh"! But actually, it is more the hair than the dress.

Great post....you do good work!

Have a great week :)

meredith said...

LOVE the dress, i'm just not in love with the color of it. regardless, she still looks stunning.

injaynesworld said...

I agree. Not very many people could pull off that color. She was stunning. Your blog is fun.

Concord Carpenter said...

Dianes awesome!!!

I like your blog, well done!