January 22, 2010

The Talk of Tinseltown
Gloves + Exits

Jennie Garth and Rob Estes will be leaving 90210 soon. Both are said to be ok with the split. Jennie wants to use her free time to focus on the children's book she's writing with husband Peter Facinelli.

Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have signed on to voice characters for Happy Feet 2. The 3D film will be released November 18, 2011. It's great for the kids and all, but I'd rather see a film where they're both shirtless.

John Mayer talks about Jennifer Aniston, his sex life and Tiger Woods in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. He compares breaking up with Jennifer Aniston to burning the American flag.

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, CNN thinks she's a dating fraud. They think it's awfully coincidental that her relationships tend to revolve around the release dates of her films. It might be true, but she doesn't seem to care. Have you seen Gerard Butler?

Rob Lowe is leaving Brother & Sisters at the end of this season. He asked to be released from his contract because he feels his character is underutilized. If you have lines in every episode, I don't think you're underutilized.

The fourth installment in the Pirates series will begin filming in Hawaii this summer. The film is expected to generate $85 million for the state which has been struggling due to the economy. A release date has been set for 2011.

Britney Spears has been using her bodyguard's credit card to get around the spending limits set by her father. Britney recently visited Steve Madden, purchased two pairs of boots and signed her name to the credit card receipt. Brit, don't you know not to sign your own name when using someone else's card? Duh!

Madonna, 51, is said to be talking with her doctors about getting pregnant. Her Brazilian model boyfriend, Jesus, wants to be a father. She'll definitely need Jesus if she wants to conceive.

A reporter tried to grab David Beckham's package during an interview outside a hotel this week. She wore yellow rubber gloves. I don't know why she wore gloves unless she didn't want to touch where Victoria Beckham's been.

The Talk of Tinseltown was brought to you today by...

Gerard Butler


peace.love.applesauce said...

At least Britt seems to be wearing a bra this time around.. It looks a bit too small.. but there's defiantly one there!

I love Jen A.. people need to leave her alone!

xoxoKrysten said...

Hmmm, if I were Jennifer Aniston I would not care. Mr. Butler is YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

What is up with Britney's bra? It looks horrible in that picture. And that is too funny about madonna!!

Salt said...

Awww I think GB and Jen look cute together. He's way hotter than Mayer unless you count that last picture.

John Mayer's face seriously makes me stabby.

Simone said...

You are funny!

Jen and GB make a gorgeous couple, good for her if any of the talk is true....I think it probably isn't.

Matt and Brad shirtless....yes please :)

Madonna getting pregnant again....please no!

David Beckham....yum, as long as he doesn't speak. Not that I imagine he gets much chance to talk while Victoria is around.

Happy Friday!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Im in love with your blog!

Kristina P. said...

I can't STAND Aniston. Butler is my new crush. He is damn sexy.

Erin said...

Brit should have been out buying a new bra..her chest in that picture is dreadful.. eek. Moments like those make me so glad I'm not a celebrity..

Mighty M said...

Shirtless Penguins just aren't quite the same.

Great updates today! :)

Karen said...

Wow. I didn't know Jennie Garth and Rob Estes are leaving. If those are the only two, I can't imagine a non-scandalous exit. Could be interesting...

And Jennifer Aniston needs to go away and get her lame and boring paws of Gerard Butler.

Michelle Hoad said...

Brittany's bra is too small and she has a boob shelf going on.

I was expecting that picture of Jennifer to have a blurred spot since her nips were perilously close to jumping out.

Amber said...

I even find the "brought to you by" pic cute of Gerard Butler...I guess I really do love that man! lol!

Madonna just wants to try to stay in the news. There is no way that woman can have a baby! Geez

Anonymous said...

I cant even look at that picture of Gerard. He's gorgeous but that picture is torturing me.

Wtf is wrong with Britney's bra?!

And I love this segment. I look forward to it every week!!!

meredith said...

apparently jen aniston and gerard were all making out backstage at the golden globes. ugh. i want him.

and i'd rather see damon and pitt shirtless than hear their voices, too.

i read john mayer's stuff in rolling stone and he's umm kinda weird. love his music, but he's an interesting cookie.

Angie said...

Gerard Butler is flippin hot! And Im so excited bout a new Pirates movie!! I had no idea they were doing another one!

Simply-Mel said...

Well, I for one, LOVE jen A and I kinda LUST after Gerard so I am very happy if they are together.

John Mayer is completely overrated. I think we may have a case of the Emperors New Clothes with that bloke.

Madonna is ridiculous. The Mad Oona in our house.

Amo said...

I love the Tinseltown updates! Britney Spears has issues. She drives me crazy! And I just read your Batman dream! Love it. Christian Bale = super hot. Was he dressed up as Batman? That might have been even hotter.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I want G.Butler...a lot. DELISH.
breaking up with Jen is like burning the American flag?? Hmm, John Mayer, I dont know about you.
I will have to read that article.

Crystal Escobar said...

Hey I love your blog, I'm your newest follower :) It's so fun!

MODG said...

VERY curious to know how they are going to handle the split on 90210

MiMi said...

I'm going through all of your SAG posts, and I agree, the black was boring. And what was that blue mess around Sandra Bullock's neck? Weird.
Jennifer Aniston is with Gerard Butler?? I think she just needs to find a dude, settle down and shut it. Geez.
Who else...I had something else. Oh, I remember. Madonna is gross. John Mayer is kinda weird looking. Am I the only one who thinks that?? Srsly? I wanna know.