February 12, 2010

Love comforteth like
sunshine after rain

I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw, I'm scared of what I did, of who I am,
and most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and
never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you

That's more than a dress. That's an Audrey Hepburn movie.

So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?

She rescues him right back.

It was an improbable romance. He was a country boy. She was from the city.
She had the world at her feet, while he didn't have two dimes to rub together.

I can't turn away without knowing that you're going to be alright.

It's not up to you to save me, Jack.

You're right. Only you can do that.

My head is saying "fool, forget him"
My heart is saying "don't let go"
Hold on to the end, that's what I intend to do
I'm hopelessly devoted to you

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him, and I didn’t know how potent that part might be,
that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

I love somebody. All the time I've been... I've been looking for someone to love me.
And now I love somebody. And it's so easy. Why is it easy now?

You used to be so... audacious, bold. People would stop in the street and watch you walk.
You think you've lost it, but I can still see it.


Simone said...

Love it....my favourite post of the week....you brought a lump to my throat!!

Can you believe I haven't seen "The Notebook"?!

Great "Dirty Dancing" quote and "Pretty Woman" too....love that line :)

Happy Friday!!

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

All such amazing LOVES! Allie and Noah are my favorite!
Happy Valentine's Day!


April said...

Dirty Dancing ... classic and my fave!!
Be still my heart ... Edward and Bella!!!

Sera said...

You are so creative - I love this! And I'm such a sucker for a good love story. Awesome. :)

Amber said...

Ahh, the best love stories ever! Makes me want to go watch some now!

Great post! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

meredith said...

how'd you do this?? this post was awesome! duh, edward's my fave. though vivian and edward took a close second in my book.

Robin said...

Kool post..love it..! which is the last with Sandra Bullock..have I missed somthing good..? also Ive never seen Twighlight or Notebook..yet..!

McMrs said...

Great post!
Aww love stories..I may need to make a movie night real soon to cry my eyes out.

Salt said...

This. Made. My. Day. AWESOME post and these are all such awesome moments!! (Sandy & Danny and Bella & Edward are my faves!) :)

peace.love.applesauce said...

LOVE them all!!!
I would have added Urban Cowboy. Ever seen that? One of my favs! :)

MiMi said...

LOVE LOVE it! You had me at Hello! :)

Shorty said...

Thank you for the movie memories! And I agree about Urban Cowboy! Bud & Sissy... so hick but so freakin' good!

Blondie said...

I love this post honey! It is such a cute idea and I wish I had thought of it! Kori xoxo

Mighty M said...

Awesome post - I was hooked from the title!!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Best blog posting of my day. Loved it! And I double love that you have a lyric to Paparazzi in your header.

Anonymous said...

Oh God love ya, for getting some of the best love stories of all time in this list and not quoting the most obnoxiously overused lines of the movie.

Natalie said...

Pretty Woman is one of the all-time best movies ever. Personally, I think I love it so much b/c of the shopping scene.

And back when people actually rented movies, I rented Jerry McGuire so many times I probably could have bought it 10 times. I was super obsessed.

Bdubs said...

Love love love this entry! Ohhhhh Edward. Both the Pretty Woman's Edward and Twilight's. Yummy. Jerry MacGuire...I think I know every line of that movie, I must have watched it a thousand times, and I cry like a baby every time.
The only one missing from this line up (for me anyway) would be You've Got Mail's Cathlene Kelly and Joe Fox. Loved those two! "Oh she's adorable, but a pill!"

Karen said...

That is a great post!

And I'm proud to say I've seen every one of these movies.

Anonymous said...

Great couples! I loveeee Hope Floats!

Aimee @ Ain't Yo Mama's Blog said...

Ah, some of my favorite lines from movies I love, and lines from movies I have yet to see but now want to! I love it!

Visiting from SITS! I am loving your blog. What a great find!


MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Love this post...

Desert Rose said...

New follower here! Found you on Mimi's blog (Living in France). Feel free to stop by my blog!

Michelle Hoad said...

that last one is why I named my cat Birdie. I was like that until I married my ex. I'm still working on undoing all the crap he did. Hopefully I'm a little more audacious again.

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} said...

What a fabulous post! Love them all:)

Anonymous said...

Possibly the GREATEST post that I have read this month :P