February 02, 2010

Music's Biggest Night, 2010

Did you watch The Grammys on Sunday night? You know I did. My poor husband wanted to go to bed, but got sucked in because I wouldn't turn the tv off. He had a few questions during the Michael Jackson tribute. Who is that? Who is that? Who is that? That's Celine Dion?! (For the record, he recognized Usher.) The most exciting moment for The Hero was seeing Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem perform. He loves him some gangsta rap. Anyway, most of the show bored me. Thankfully, we got home late so I was able to fast forward through the crap I didn't want to see. The performances of the night belonged to the ladies. Gaga, Beyonce and Pink rocked the house.



Jennifer Hudson


Kathy Griffin

Sheryl Crow

Lady Gaga

Adam Lambert

Mario Lopez

Ricky Martin

The Jonas Brothers

Lady Gaga


Ke$ha & Heidi Klum

Kristen Bell & Nicole Kidman

Clockwise: Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Pink

Clockwise: Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Colbie Caillat, Katy Perry

Clockwise: Fergie, Miley Cyrus, Mary J. Blige, Taylor Swift

What the hell is Britney Spears wearing? Can anyone tell me?
Jennifer Hudson looks great.
Snooki looks like a hooker.
I remember when Ricky Martin performed Livin' La Vida Loca at the Grammys. It's one of my favorite Grammy moments.
I think Pink looks great. The dress is perfect for her and perfect for the event.
I love Keri Hilson's dress. It's so pretty.
Stop the presses. Katy Perry's boobs aren't showing.
Fergie's dress is hot.
Miley looks like she's trying too hard.
Taylor Swift looks all grown up.

PS - Lady Gaga is the shit.


TLF said...

Lady Gaga I can understand.. But Britney?? She's gone crazy again! She looks like a hooker!

Amber said...

I love Pink & she looks fab in that dress!

& I think I might need to bring in that pic of Carrie Underwood to my hairdresser for my haircut! love it!

& I second that comment about Gaga

Mrs. M said...

Jennifer Hudson looks fantastic. I loved Pink's performance too....but I have only watched the first hour so far (but sounds like that was the best part!).

Stephen, Shanelle, Sean and Jocelyn said...

Pink was amazing! I love watching her show. She makes it look so easy.

Britney missed the boat this year oh well you can't have it all.

Side note Ricky Martin looks like a Pez dispenser, sorry.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I have no idea what Brit is wearing but she really needs to get a clue! Her hair is done so that's a plus - but the brunette always means the crazy is coming back!

I can't believe Snooki got an invite to the Grammys! What for?!? (I love me some Jersey Shore but THAT is crazy...)

Lady Gaga was AMAZING! And I loved Pink's show as well. Lady Gaga's set must have cost BANK! Amazing.

Lastly - I didn't get to see Beyonce do her thing but WHY did she grab her junk? (I only saw the joke Chelsea Handler made about it last night).

The Undomestic Mom said...

ha I love this--I totally agree!

Macey said...

I LOVE all of this, I agreed with everything! Although, don't you think it would be hilarious is Lady Gaga really had a weiner???

Unknown said...

Oh I love it! Your blog is awesome. Just stopping in! Come see my giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga is known to dress weird, but what is Britney wearing?!!?

meredith said...

britney looks crazy again.

hated katy perry's dress.

loved everything about pink that night.

liked nicole kidman's dress. she's always classy.

how tall is ke$ha? she looked like a freakin' giant next to justin bieber.

anything and everything GA - i'm obsessed.

Tracie said...

1. Pink's ass looks amazing.
2. Miley looks 40.
3. Love Gaga.
4. I will always remember Ricky Martin's La Vida Loca performance. I was on the phone with my BFF and we both stopped talking and gawked at him. There were a couple of "Who the hell is that?" and "Oh la la's" uttered.

Anonymous said...

Oh Britney... sigh.

I don't care how gay Adam Lambert is, I would fucking rock his world. ;)

P.S. I don't watch the award shows, but since I knew it was on, I was anxiously awaiting your post on it :)

Nancy said...

I was pretty bored after the first hour or so too.

I didn't know Snooki was at the Grammy's. I don't know why I'm surprised. lol

A Real Housewife said...

i was really hoping to catch lady gaga's performance, but i completely forgot about the show. she is ferocious. and seriously wtf was britney wearing??

Unknown said...

I didn't see the show but did see some clips of Beyonce performing - she sounded amazing, I am a fan!

Loving all your pics of the dresses.

Britney...hideous, I mean what was she thinking? Get a stylist.

Loved....Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson.

Wasn't keen on Miley, Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige and Snooki.

And I LOVE Ricky Martin....I always feel I have to keep that to myself though!! I remember that Grammys performance too....I love his cute little dancing bottom. (Can't believe I just wrote that!!!)


Rachel said...

Always love Beyonce, although watching Chelsea Handler make fun of her the next night was also funny. I love the Jerset Shore, but Snookie at the Grammy's? How... and why...? Britney, come on girl. You're better than that. Gaga is a hot, hot mess as usual but this is why we love her. I saw Pink do that exact performance in that exact costume at a different awards show so I was NOT impressed. Heidi, Fergie and Carrie look FABULOUS. I would love to know that Jlo and Rhianna were thinking, I usually love their style but both of their dresses are horrible.

Always, ALWAYS love Drake, Wayne and Eminem :)

Ed said...

I love me some Pink.

Man that sounds dirty.

sarah said...

LOVED Pink's performance (though i probably would've been a little annoyed had i been seated beneath her in the crowd). Snooki is most definitely a hooker. Britney... i don't know. Jennifer Hudson looked beautiful! Beyonce's performance ROCKED. p.s. i was lovin' Dave Matthews' dance moves onstage, haha!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I did mine about the Grammys yesterday, and we are on much the same page!

Wanted to see your thoughts on Kesha. What's up with that outfit?

I just can't believe with all the money these girls have, and the designers available - that some of them show up wearing what they do.

Salt said...

I wish they had gotten a picture of the Ga and Adam Lambert together. Those outfits are so phenom. :)

I just want to punch Snooki in the face. She is about the most worthless piece of famewhore trash I've ever seen.

Everyone else actually looks pretty great. I cannot believe how fantastic Heidi Klum looks after having 4 kids. (Is it 4 now?)

Karen M. Peterson said...

As much as I love music, I don't really care for the music industry, and I don't remember the last time I watched the Grammys. But I've watched Pink's performance on YouTube about a dozen times now and DAMN!

Tonya said...

I watched this too! I love to see their outfits. :-)

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

Tina L. Hook said...

I don't even know who Snooki is. Does that make me an old nerd?

sarah said...

I have yet to figure out WTF Jersey Shore has to do with The Grammys.

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Who invited Snooki? HAHA!
I ADORED Pink's performance!!Thought Beyonce's could have been better. Got a little freaked out by Lady GaGa's outfit and performance. And LOVED the MJ tribute, it was beautiful!
All in all, a great Grammy night!