March 08, 2010

2010 Oscar Fashion
The Brights

Vera Farmiga's dress looks like it's made of fans.


I love the color though.

Maggie Gyllenhaal always wears weird dresses.

Don't you think this dress is weird?

It doesn't really matter what Molly Ringwald's dress looks like.

What the hell is up with her hair?

Her wonky arm cuff is throwing me off too.

Mo'Nique chose well. The color and style suit her.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are a cute couple.

I'm not sure about a bright orange maternity dress.

I wouldn't wear it.


Unknown said...

When I'm pregnant, I feel the best about my body, so I would most definitely wear something bright. It just shouts "look at me, I'm gestating a baby, not just fat"

A Real Housewife said...

did i miss something? what was molly ringwald doing at the oscars?? i can't stand mo'nique

April said...

Who IS that lady in orange?? Barf! Preggo or not. Yuck.

That's not a very flattering pic of Monique...but good choice on the dress at least.

Molly - sweet mother of pete...I never really realized that she was not all that good looking to begin with. And it's just getting worse.

Maggie is just weird.

Vera's dress looked so much better when she was SITTING.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I thought Vera picked the absolutely RIGHT color and the completely WRONG dress.

Molly looked great from the neck down.

Mo'Nique looked amazing.

Are you going to comment on John Travolta's jeans?

TLF said...

Thank god Mo covered dem legs!!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

That orange dress is awful!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Molly looks fine (except for those bangs!) in my opinion, but what the hell was up with her twitchy speech last night about John Hughes!?

Maggie's dress looks like it used to be one of those hawaiian button downs that old guys wear.

Ashley said...

I saw that fan dress on a few best dressed lists. I was confused.

Macey said...

Do you read Candice's blog? She did a post and said about the lady in that first picture that it looks like "when labias attack." LOL!!!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

See - I loved Maggie's dress. It was different and caught my eye immediately when she hit the red carpet.

I will agree with you - I hated Vera's dress - it reminds me of something I used to wrap around my Barbie and never quite could get to fit right. Just too many ruffles. But the color was great.

Did you notice all the hot pink lipstick? Maggie and Sandra both had it on and I was just thinking ... EEEEK!

I'm still reading on through all these posts but I think that Demi Moore's dress was awesome on her. Safe, but amazing.

Amber said...

The last person's comment makes me crack up when looking at Vera's dress! Hate that weird looking thing!

Molly Ringwald looks like she's trying to go Egyptian or something? is it just me?

Mrs. Match said...

I like the idea of a bright colored maternity dress, but orange is never ok. On anyone. Ever.

I have a friend with Molly's haircut. It doesn't work on her either and I constantly find myself just looking at her with a confused look on my face. Why?

Rachel said...

I"m going to disagree with almost everyone and say Paula Patton looks amazing. I think she is beautiful anyway, and I love the color against her skin tone. She's definitely rockin it.