March 08, 2010

2010 Oscar Fashion
Zoe, JLo + SJP

I really want to like this dress because I really like Zoe Saldana.

I like the top half, but the bottom half reminds me of Hawaiian leis.

When she was on stage presenting, I got a peek at her fabulous shoes.

It's too bad the dress isn't short because the shoes could have made the dress.

She's seriously stunning.

Final Verdict: I love her. I love the shoes. I do not love the dress.

When I first saw Jennifer Lopez, I was mesmerized.

Even though the dress looks like fancy bubble wrap, it photographed well.

However, my love for the dress started to fade when I saw her from this angle.

When she turned, I fell in love again.

Final Verdict: It wouldn't have worked on anyone else.
On Jennifer Lopez, I think it's stunning.

My first impression of Sarah Jessica Parker's dress wasn't good.

I don't think the color suits her.

The back, which I didn't see until this morning, is very interesting.

The dress and overall look is very Sarah.

Final Verdict: I don't love the dress. I don't hate the dress. I'm on the fence.

What do you think?


Stacy said...

Blech!!!! I hated SJP's dress! I don't care how skinny or fashion forward you are - when something is ugly, it's just plain ugly!!!!! And I hated Zoe Saldana's dress too - the bottom was just awful. She's too pretty to be wearing crap like that! I did an Oscar post on my favs of the night - you should check it out!

"Julie" said...

SJpee pees dress... I want to like it too, but I don't know if I can. But I love her, and I LOVE THOSE BANGLES.


Zoe's dress. Love the top, the bottom makes me nervie.

Sera said...

Zoe is just gorgeous, but that dress is hideous! I agree with you that the top looks pretty, but WTH is up with the bottom? Random and weird, and just downright ridiculous.

Not a fan of Jlo's dress, although it's not as bad as Zoe's at all.

SJP - eh? Interesting design, but still too weird for me.

My favorite of the night was Demi's!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Zoe is gorgeous, but her dress sucks. She gets points for those amazing shoes though. J Lo - I love her dress. SJP - Hate her dress but I never really like anything she wears for some reason.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm with you on Zoe Saldana. The top looks fabulous, the shoes look fabulous. The bottom of that dress is a big old mess.

I decided I liked J Lo's dress as long as I didn't have to be the person sitting next to her.

SJP...It's pure hate. That dress was awful. But then, her gowns almost always are.

Leiah said...

OK, SJP dress I'm also still on the fence but 1) she was definitely not raised by a Southern Mama because she would have rather died than chew gum in public like that; and 2) what was up with the frizzy, fly-away hair??? Was there NO ONE there with a comb, some hairspray, a little spit on the hand? Good gravy!

And Zoe's dress totally reminded me Hawaiian leis...the cheap,plastic kind you get at Oriental Trading for kids bday parties.

Macey said...

I don't like SJP so I can't come up with anything nice. :/

Salt said...

SJP is my hero and I don't think I've ever seen her wear anything that I haven't loved her in. That woman could pull of a burlap sack with a Campbell's soup can strapped to her head.

Anonymous said...

SJP is gorgeous. I think she looks great...from the front. Lol.

Zoe's shoes are killer. That dress should be killed.

meredith said...

love zoe, didn't love the dress.

don't love jlo, HATED the dress. i know e! was loving it. me, nahsomuch AT ALL.

sjp's dress - liked the back, it was "different."

bingham 5 said...

Hated it. Of course it could be just because I hate SJP. She is not aging well at all.

Annette Piper said...

SJP - trying too hard to do a 60's thing and not really achieving it - and too much makeup - she looked old.

JL0 - gotta agree - love it from some angles and a bit shocked by others!

Zoe- I love the colours and I like the shimmering silver of the top, but not into the ruffles. I saw someone refer to it as similar to those ruffled toilet paper covers from the 50's/60's and can't think of anything else now!

A Real Housewife said...

holy moly what crawled into j lo's dress?! i heart all things sjp.

April said...

I hate ALL those dresses. But I LOVE all those actresses!!!!

They are all so beautiful but their outfits didn't really do them justice.

I heart Zoe....*pout*...if I squint I can like her dress a little more.

TLF said...

I like the bottom half of the purple dress.
JLo's looks like a wedding dress challenge out of bubble wrap, something you'd see on Project Runway.. HA!
SJP- Gross!

Amber said...

I don't really like the blah color of SJP's dress. It would be better any other color.

Love Zoe, not her dress.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think SJP's dress was awesome, but it was odd at the same time. I'm with you on a fence. Her hair didn't do it for me - Outside it looked cool, once she got under the lights to present an award it looked like Tom Ford had given her a noogie before walking on stage. :(

Zoe's dress was interesting - sort of like a work of art, but I couldn't get over the waistline. To me it looked like that flap thing was supposed to cover her girls and the glitter was supposed to peek out from that. Almost like her tube top of the dress had fallen to reveal the sparkles...

J-Lo's bubbles were odd to me. I didn't notice last night how odd the material looked when watching (my eye sight isn't that great and I wasn't that close to the tv) I loved the cut on her and the style then I saw the material this AM and though... hmmmm me no likey.

Anonymous said...

Zoe- Think she's beautiful! Love the top half of the dress and her shoes. Hated the bottom half.

JLO- Loved it at some angles...hated it at others. Don't think just anyone could have pulled it off.

SJP- I liked parts of her dress. But as a whole not in love with it. And her hair looks kinda wind blown to me. Not really put togehter.

Ed said...

Zoe's Avatar was much hotter.