March 15, 2010

The Talk of Tinseltown
Babies, Closets + Stripper Poles

Sean Hayes, best known for his flamboyant character from Will & Grace, spoke out about his sexuality this week. In case you hadn't figured it out on your own, he's gay.

Bob Barker donated $2.5 million to PETA. Since retiring in 2008, he has promoted freedom for whales and an end to the fur trade.

As Bob would say, "Have your pets spayed or neutered."

It's official. Betty White will host Saturday Night Live on May 8. I can't wait. She's going to bring the house down.

Jake Gyllenhaal was quite smitten with Rachel McAdams backstage at the Oscars. He introduced her to a friend as the mother of his child. I think Jake's on to something here. They would certainly make some cute babies.

Jamie Foxx and Stacey Dash are dating. Some of you might recognize Stacey as Dionne from Clueless. Don't these two look smashing together?

Mario Lopez and broadway dancer girlfriend, Courtney Laine Mazza, are expecting their first child together. No matter what he does, I will always think of him as the guy who cheated with a stripper the night before his wedding to the Doritos girl.

Sean Penn was reportedly thrown out of an Oscars party for punching one of The Hurt Locker producers. The producer is said to be dating Penn's ex, Robin Wright.

Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for $100 million over a Super Bowl ad featuring a baby named Lindsay. Lohan's lawyer said "Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit. They're using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn't they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message."

E-Trade would be in the same predicament if they'd used the name Susan. Besides, Susan Boyle is way scarier than Lindsay Lohan.

Demi Moore gave her daughter, Rumer, a pole dancing lesson during a party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood while Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio looked on. Leo was spotted high-fiving Ashton.

This is inappropriate for multiple reasons.

1. No mother should teach her daughter how to pole dance. Ever. Instructional videos and classes taught by non-family members will suffice.
2. If you're going to ignore #1, you should at least teach your daughter how to pole dance in private. You don't teach her in a room full of people. You especially don't teach her in a room full of celebrities. Where there's celebrities, there's reporters and paparazzi.
3. If you're going to ignore #s 1 and 2, make damn sure the girl's step-father isn't around for the lesson. Have you no decency, Demi?

Corey Haim passed away at age 38. No illegal drugs were found in his apartment, but some prescription drugs were identified. Corey reportedly turned down an offer to participate in VH1's Celebrity Rehab days before his death.

License to Drive was my favorite Corey Haim movie. What's yours?

The Talk of Tinseltown was brought to you today by...

Jim Carrey


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I am obsessed with the possibility of Jake and Rachel being together! How cute are they?! And Stacey Dash and my man Jamie are looking beautiful together! Thank you for the Hollywood update!

Amber said...

Jake and Rachel would make a beautiful couple! and babies!

Demi is trying to act like a young friend and not a mother. What mother wants to see their daughter dance on a pole?

It's really sad about Corey Haim. He was such a great actor back in the day. I LOVED the movie Lucas when I was younger and I will still watch it when it comes on!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I think the SAME THING about Mario Lopez! Is he really cute enough for these girls to forget that about him?!? MAKE A BABY WITH HIM??? *sigh*

Shorty said...

Love the Bob Barker quote... I always think those same exact words when I see people who've procreated who really shouldn't have.

A Real Housewife said...

*Betty White is a goddess
*I adore Rachel McAdams, but really loved Jake & Reese together.
*I've always thought Mario Lopez was a douche.
*Since when has Lindsey Lohan even been known as just "Lindsey?" Does she think she's Madonna? Freak.
*the pole dancing story is beyond disturbing. Disgusting.

Cybil said...

I can't wait to see Betty White on SNL! Love her!

Salt said...

Rachel McAdams is my FAVORITE. She and Jake would make pretty much the cutest couple in the history of forever!

I'm going to have to start watching SNL again. I heard it's getting really funny and I will definitely not be missing my dream grandma as the host.

Kristina P. said...

Don't even get me started on Mario. I posted about his love child today.

And I think that Jake and Rachel would be a cute couple!

Salt said...

And let me just add that I thought Demi Moore was trashy before. This just seals it.

meredith said...

i may or may not be waiting for mario lopez to come out of the closet. he's NOT gay??!?

and lindsay l. --- get over yourself. please. milka whaaaaaat?!

Karen said...

I'm so excited for Betty White to host SNL! I might actually watch the whole episode!

And I agree with Kristina. Jake and Rachel would be adorable together.

And my favorite Corey Haim movie is, of course, The Lost Boys. Although I did love License to Drive, too.

Anonymous said...

I love Stacey Dash. And her Jamie Foxx--Yumm.

Ok, I meant to say this on your post with her in it, but wtf was up with Rachael's hair?! It was all fly-away-y. She's gorgeous though.

Betty White on SNL? Can I set up my DVR that far in advance?!@

MiMi said...

I thought it was all hilariously funny that the top guy WAS NOT gay...? Now he's gay? I can't keep up with this stuff.
Am I the only one in the world that thinks that the eldest Bruce/Demi girl is funny looking?

Tracie said...

I was as surprised about Sean Hayes' homosexuality as I was about Rosie O'Donnel's and Ellen D's. Also, Mario is a douchecanoe. That is all.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Slater's gonna be a daddy, huh?
Hmmm.. I can already hear the baby mama drama!

Demi.. She has no brain anyway. That whole family & their relationships are just weird.

Jake & Rach.. Loves!

McMrs said...

LOVE Jake!
LOVE Rachel!
Since I can't have either, they might as well have eachother! :)

Nikosmommy said...

Your talk of tinseltown is right-on Mama! Stacey Dash might finally make an honest man out of Jamie Foxx....fingers crossed!

Mighty M said...

I really liked The Goonies and The Lost Boys. License to Drive was a good one too.

I just do not have an ounce of respect for Mario Lopez. I hope he is a good dad!

Ed said...

You mean that Sean guy WASN'T acting gay?


I am sooo jealous of Jake Gyllenhaul right now.

Date Girl said...

I like the idea of Jake and Rachel together, but I'm still sad that he's no longer with Reese. She's just amazing and I want to see her happy.

I love your talk of tinseltown segments. I come to you for all my celeb gossip because you inform with sarcasm. Just the way I like it!

The Rambler said...

Hahaha...I'm always saying..Sean Hayes is gay right? Right?

Go Bob!

Betty White is so going to bring it! I laughed so hard when she did her acceptance speech after Sandra Bullock playfully roasted her. God, she's so damn witty.

Mmmmm, Jake and Rachel would make very pretty children.

Mario Lopez....yeah, player, douchebag for that whole Doritos chic thing. Sorry. Bad character of a man.

Douchebagnumerouno=Sean Penn

For the love LIndsay...SHUT UP. Ugh...really I can't stand you more.

Demi, yeah, frigging hella inappropriate! What did Daddy Bruce say?

Corey Haim. I loved him, wanted him to be my boyfriend forever and ever in the 80's. And then that reality show he did with the other Corey...yeah, not so much.

April said...

I heart your celeb gossip Mondays ... I love getting all caught up! LOL!

KK said...

So much here. Ok, he's gay, no way ;) I love love love Betty White and I can't wait. Sad about Corey. Mario will always be the cute one from that high school show with Screech to me. I can't remember any more. Oh yeah, pole dancing lessons, model parenting right there!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I'm extremely excited about this whole Jake and Rachel thing - I'd like to see it take off. I love them both (and kept commenting about how cute of a couple they would make during the Oscars, almost like I was their grandmother.