March 22, 2010

The Talk of Tinseltown
Salute This

Things just keep getting worse for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Sandra found out about Jesse's affair when In Touch magazine called her publicist. The alleged mistress is a white supremacist. See the W & P tattoos on her legs? Those stand for White Power. Her ex-husband filed legal documents stating she slept with gang members, used their child's name as her stage name for stripping and liked to make the Nazi salute. What a catch!

Kate Gosselin is acting like a diva on the set of Dancing with the Stars. She 's rude to the crew and ignores her cast members. It looks bad for Kate when she's known as the bigger bitch with Shannen Doherty there.

Will Smith is producing a remake of Overboard with Jennifer Lopez reprising the role made famous by Goldie Hawn. Overboard is one of my favorite movies from the 80s. It shouldn't be remade. Period.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are expecting their second child. Their son, Archie, is 16 months old.

An unnamed person in possession of the syringe used on Michael Jackson by Dr. Conrad Murray, which ultimately led to his death, is planning to auction it off for millions. This is gross not to mention unsanitary.

Rielle Hunter posed for some racy photos in a recent issue of GQ Magazine. Hunter told Barbara Walters she regrets the decision. She blames GQ for choosing the racy photos instead of the head shots they took.

Ms. Hunter, you slept with a married man running for President. You gave a tell all interview. You posed for risqué photographs. Do you really think we'd think any differently of you if your stomach wasn't showing?

Kate Winslet and her director husband are getting a divorce. Kate and Sam Mendes have been married since 2003 and have a son together.

Matt Damon says he is done with the Bourne series for good and plans to never return. He does have some ideas, however, on how to keep the Bourne dream alive without him. I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say...

A Jason Bourne film without Matt Damon is like Twilight with no Robert Pattinson.

The Talk of Tinseltown was brought to you today by...

Dwayne Johnson


Kristina P. said...

Was Rielle drugged? Unconscious? Under 18? I don't understand how she is confused by the pictures.

meredith said...

gahh, this sandra-jesse thing is really getting worse and worse and worse. i'm sure sandra b. isn't "perfect" but she genuinely seemed to love, care about, and really support jesse. this whole situation is disgusting if it's all true.

wow, i like kate g. but she must be a real piece of work if she's beating out shannon d. for the beyotch crown.

Emma said...

I can't say I'm surprised by the whole Jesse James thing. I used to date guys like that and, no matter what, they just don't change. Ever.

Stacy said...

One of my favorite gossip bloggers said that her W & P stand for "wiener parking lot." Haha.

Macey said...

That mistress of Edwards's (is that even right?) is a ho.
The tattoo chick is a dirty ho.
Gosselin is a ho x 8.
Will Smith is a ho. Wait. I got carried away. But he is whoring out a great movie and it's gonna be ruined! :(

Vanessa said...

Hate that I'm missing DWTS, I'll have to catch up tomorrow and see Kate in action. Yeesh.

Bourne w/o Damon? Unwatchable.

And I loved Overboard too. The remake sounds... Just not right.

Stacey said...

A bombshell she is not!

I do not believe that about Kate Gosselin.

No, that movie should not be remade. Especially with Jennifer Lopez!

Congrats to Amy.

The syringe thing is just odd! and disgusting!

I don't even care about this Rielle woman. Just another hooker!

Another Hollywood marriage bites the dust!

Never watched the Bourne series.

Thanks. That was fun!

TLF said...

Jessie's mistress.. Vomit!
Kate G.. Yack!
I'm not a JLo fan, not at all!
& I'm on Rielle's side! Props to her for standing up for herself in GQ! I don't think it's fair she's getting all the shit & he's not. I mean, why is she a whore for sleeping with another man? She wasn't the married one.. she was single. Who cares if he was married? It's not her responsibility to make him act like an adult. I'm JS.

Amber said...

Jesse's mistress is just nasty...ugh

When I start to think that maybe, just maybe I've heard the end of the Gosselin's, Kate sneaks her way back into the spotlight.

Selling MJ's syringe is just wrong...on sooo many levels.

Natalie said...

Sandra & Jesse is just sad. The creature he slept with is disgusting. Seriously. She doens't deserve the press time she's getting & needs to find the trailer slithered out of & go crawl back under.

Bourne w/o Matt? Not a Bourne movie. period.

And I agree with you about the Hunter GQ photo. Edwards has def. lost all credibility in the public eye, imo. He's been crucified by numerous media outlets. She slept with a married, conspired to lie about her child's parentage & took pictures. She doesn't like the way the magazine portrayed her? Don't do a layout.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think I speak for most people when I ask what the hell Jesse was doing cheating on Sandra with that.

And Kate Gosselin needs to get over herself. I hate her.

Tricia said...

Remake "Overboard" and with JLo, no way!! Please don't do it!

Cyndy Bush said...

I hope Sandra never sleeps with Jesse again now that's he's been with that skankdog.
Rielle is a total attention whore.

Dumb Mom said...

I loved every tidbit of celebrity related info (as I am a celebobsessed myself), but the very best part was The Rock. I friggin' love that man!

Unknown said...

I know very little about Jesse James but I feel so bad for Sandra B....she doesn't deserve this, ugh.

DWTS starts showing here in England on Friday...I can't wait! Kate G looks v. different with long hair.

I have to tell you I thought of you last Weds.....I was in the centre of London with my daughter and walked past the cinema where Robert Pattinson's new movie premiere "Remember Me" was about to take place....he was about 15 mins away in his car but everyone was going NUTS.....I've never heard screaming like it!!!!


A Real Housewife said...

i did not know all that info about jesse's slut. SO disgusting. i hope sandra doesn't go back to him.

kate gosselin needs a serious reality check......HER KIDS MADE HER FAMOUS. not the other way around. she needs to remember that.

you are absolutely correct. Overboard should not be remade, especially starring J Lo. Disaster.

Together We Save said...

Poor Kate... she needs to get a clue, or take a nice pill. LOL

Anonymous said...

Soo much better after reading this post.

My day is now complete.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

wtf is jennifer lopez wearing?

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love me some Dwayne Johnson.

I am so with you - A) Overboard NEVER, EVER needs to be remade and B) I definitely don't want Goldie to be replaced by J-Lo. If they were to choose anyone why not her own daughter?

Jesse's Ho makes me ill. Like physically ill. It's bad enough that she looks the way she does but to be into all she claims she is, just makes me sick. Way to go Jesse. P.S. What is up with her big forehead tattoo - I need to find pictures of this.

Kate - I am SO over this woman, I wish she would just go away and care for her cute babies. She does realize THEY were the only reason anyone watched that show right?

Well done HotPants! I feel up to speed!! :)

Kitchen Belleicious said...

First of all I LOVE your blog and the blog title. So so cute. Secondly, aren't you just so sad about sandra bullock. OF course I don't know her but I feel like she finally fell in love and now he has cheated. So sad! Stopping by from SITS and I am your newest follower. Would love for you to stop by sometime and say hello. I am doing a great giveaway this week! XOXO

KK said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! You are better than ET!

Anonymous said...

Wow overboard. Forget Jaylo, have Kate Gosselin be the star and when she falls off the boat, leave her there.

Mrs. Match said...

Why, why WHY would they remake Overboard? If you're gonna do it (which they so shouldn't, I could not agree more) they should at least cast Goldie's daughter because that would be sort of adorable, and I love me some Kate Hudson. JLo, you can't act, period.

Susan said...

Kate Gosselin... blech :P That was really funny what you said about being a bigger B than Shannon Doherty. I laughed pretty hard at that one!

Mrs. M said...

So disappointed in Jesse James. I really thought that was a pretty REAL relationship. Bummer.

No surprise about Kate.