April 13, 2010

iLove Tuesday Tunes
Piano Song

Meiko's songs have been featured in several primetime shows including Grey's Anatomy, 90210 and One Tree Hill. I love all the songs on her self-titled album, but Piano Song is my favorite. If it weren't for Perez Hilton, I would never have heard of her. I hope you like her as much as I do.

Every little thing I do, I do for you
With every little thing, I think a thought of you
And I try so hard not to notice
I try so hard not to care
I try so hard not to know that you're not here
But I'm counting down the hours
And I'm counting up the days
I try so hard not to show this side of me

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Anonymous said...

We have a Meiko song on our CD at work "Boys With Girlfriends" and I love it.

Cute video too!

Unknown said...

Love the picture of those piano pants!!! Those are super awesome. I also love celebrities so i"m so glad I came across your blog. Check out mine www.carlysdatingchronicles.com. I live in NY and am single and write all about my dating adventures

Macey said...

Ooooh, I likey!

Brianne said...

Now I can say, "If it weren't for Hotpants from Handbags and Handguns I would never have heard of her." :P

Shelley said...

I seriously love it. The soothing feel of it is just what I need!

L.J. Diva said...

Is that a dress ot a top? Either way, I WANT IT!!!!