June 29, 2010

Total {Eclipse} of the Heart

Tonight's the night.

At 12:01, I'll be in the theater with my favorite girls.
wearing matching shirts

Eclipse, you better not disappoint...

...since I have to wait until November 2011 for Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

My first car was a beast.

My first car was a 1975 Chevy Nova. My grandfather bought it for my mom at an estate sale. When I turned sixteen, my mom gave me a choice. She said I could have the Nova, or sell it and put the money toward another car. The decision was easy. Boys like old muscle cars.

My stepfather, with the help of others, restored the car inside and out. It needed new carpet because of a vent leak, new upholstery because of sun damage, new paint because of rust damage, new tires, new rims, new Chevy logos, and a few other minor items. My boyfriend at the time bought me a car stereo for my birthday. I can remember the car always being clean. I washed it a lot in our driveway. I had a personalized plate on the front that said Misty. (What was I thinking?) The car was seriously huge. It had a V8 engine so it would go fast, but only after warming up for at least twenty minutes. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Old cars are temperamental. If you took off without warming the car up, she'd most likely die in the middle of an intersection. This happened to me countless times. Looking back, all I can do is laugh. It was especially bad in the winter. When the car was warmed up, she was as fast as lightning. I may have gotten her up to 95 once. Shhh!

The boys envied me. The girls envied me because the boys envied me. Grown men asked to buy her many times. A guy even offered me cash money in a gas station parking lot.

The first time I was in a car accident was my senior year of high school. A young kid in his daddy's Jag was going too fast and crossed the yellow line at an intersection. His front bumper tapped my front bumper. My car, being a huge hunk of steel, sent his car into a tailspin. He ended up hitting several cars, a pole and completely flipped over in the air landing right side up. I watched it all in my rearview mirror. I thought he was dead. He actually made it out without a scratch. He did not make it out without a giant lawsuit though. Thankfully, my car was fine with only a smudge of paint on the bumper.

The Nova wasn't so lucky the second time. It was still senior year. I was on my way to school. It had just started to rain. I made a left turn, hydroplaned into oncoming traffic and made a sharp right turn into a telephone pole.


I'll never forget the sound. I ended up with minor scrapes and bruises. My seatbelt broke. My head smashed into the windshield. My chest folded onto the steering wheel. All the kids who drove the same way to school stopped to see if I was ok. The car didn't look too bad. The front driver's side was wrapped around the pole. As I walked around the car, I noticed a piece of metal sticking out behind the back passenger side window. I didn't quite understand how this happened until later. The frame had completely ripped in half. The car was totaled. I felt awful for months.

The Nova may be gone, but I still have the memories.

I also have the logos that came in one week after I wrecked the car. I've never been able to part with them.

Was your first car as cool as mine?

June 28, 2010

The Talk of Tinseltown
Celebrity Home Edition

Oprah's $50 million mansion in Montecito, California covers 42 acres. The house itself is 23,000 square feet. It has 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Some of the improvements Oprah has made since purchasing the house in 2001 include the installation of a massive home theater, building a man-made lake with rare fish and having Montecito sandstone bricks hand-laid in the quarter-mile long driveway. She also put in a closet the size of an ordinary master bedroom for Stedman.

Paris Hilton bought this Beverly Hills mansion, which sits across the street from Avril Lavigne's home, for a reported $6.25 million. The 7,500 square foot Mediterranean-style home has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a swimming pool, spa, gym, maid quarters, and a wine closet.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne recently bought this 11,000 square foot home in Hidden Hills, California for an estimated $10 million. The home has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and sits on 2.3 acres. Other celebrities that reportedly live in Hidden Hills include Denise Richards, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Marie Presley. Ozzy and Sharon sold their former Beverly Hills mansion, where their MTV reality series was filmed, to Christina Aguilera for roughly $11 million.

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld bought this enormous East Hampton, New York estate for a reported $32 million from rocker Billy Joel. The home includes a 22-car garage and a baseball diamond. OK! Magazine named it the #1 celebrity party house.

Producer Aaron Spelling's widow, Candy Spelling, has put The Manor up for sale. The massive 56,500 square foot estate is listed for $150 million, making it by far the most expensive home for sale in the U.S. The home, which sits on 4.6 acres, is the largest residence in Los Angeles County. It features a bowling alley, wine cellar, wine tasting room, gift wrapping room, a humidity-controlled silver storage room, gym, screening room, beauty salon, tennis court, waterfall, pool, spa, reflection pool, pool house with a kitchen, 16 carports, and a winding motor court with space to park more than 100 cars.

Rush Limbaugh put this 4,600 square foot NYC pad on the market for $13.95 million. He bought the condo bacl in 1994. Artist Richard Smith painted murals on the ceilings and walls throughout the opulent home, according to the listing.

Now that Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are getting a divorce, Jesse has put their Los Angeles home on the market. The 3,600 square foot Mediterranean-style villa will be sold along with a condo James owns down the street. Listed at $6.75 million, the Sunset Beach property was recently remodeled in 2002. It's located right on the sand only a few miles from the Newport and Huntington Beach piers.

The design inside the house is pretty relaxed with each of the four bedrooms having it's on bathroom. The simple, but beautiful home has gleaming hardwoods and first class views of the Pacific Ocean.

The kitchen has custom maple wood cabinetry with granite countertops, a Viking stove, stainless steel appliances, and an ornate iron staircase which plays off the Mediterranean theme.

Nicolas Cage, who has reportedly been plagued with money troubles, has finally sold this Bel Air estate for a lot less than the original asking price. The 11,000 square foot home, once owned by Dean Martin, was first on the market for $35 million in 2007. Cage then slashed the price to $17.5 million and again to $9.95 million.

The estate was only one of the properties in Cage's real estate empire. He also owns homes in New Orleans and New York City.

The home sits on more than an acre and is surrounded by a pool, gardens and lush grounds.

If you were a celebrity, what kind of home would you have?

A New Beginning

Something wonderful happened while I was away. I didn't want to jinx it until everything was wrapped up nicely in a non-existent bow. Right now, as you're reading this, we're finishing up a move into our new home. We're super excited to live in a great neighborhood with great schools and only a few blocks away from our in-law's house. One of the firemen from the The Hero's station lives seven houses down from us. Can you say carpool? Anyway, I've been really busy packing and unpacking. I'm sore, tired and extremely happy.

I have posts scheduled for the week because I probably won't be around. We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of both satellite tv and internet service. We all know how long that could take. In the meantime, I have a lot of fun in store for you including a feature on celebrity homes later today. I'll be back as soon as I can. Until then, you can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook for updates.

I'll share pictures of our house as soon as I can.

June 27, 2010

Thank you, ladies.

I'd like to thank these fabulous ladies for entertaining you while I was away.

Obviously, I love them, but I think you do too.

Didn't they do a wonderful job?

Salt from Salt says

Mimi from Living in France

Olivia from Gnome Sweet Gnome

Terri from Peace, Love & Applesauce

Tara from That's Why Her Hair is So Big

Candice from Life According To Candice

Surferwife from A Day in the Life of a Surferwife

June 26, 2010

Getting Over Twilight

Olivia is a wife and mother of two living in Utah. When I first found her blog, I instantly fell in love. She's super crafty and throws the most original birthday parties for her kids. Today, Olivia's going to share some of her favorite literary finds with you in case you need a little help figuring out what to read next.

Hi there, hotpants™ fans! Misty asked me to do a "guest post" (my first ever!) so here I am, Olivia from Gnome Sweet Gnome, to offer a little help to those feeling lost after finishing the Twilight series.

Satisfied, you've just closed BREAKING DAWN after a whirlwind week of reading the whole Twilight series.

You look around at your sink full of dirty dishes and slightly neglected family.

And you think, "Now what?"

I'm here to offer some help. You know, having gone through the same "Twilight Book Withdrawal". (I'm pretty sure this is the technical term for it.)

First things first, let's embrace what part it was about the book you loved. Once you can pinpoint that, you'll find tons of books to fill the void.

1. You loved Stephenie Meyer's writing.

If you couldn't get enough of "his chiseled jaw" or "liquid topaz eyes", you might just be a fan of Ms. Meyer's prose in which case I'd recommend checking out her adult Sci-Fi novel, THE HOST. It follows an altruistic alien parasite and a human resistance. (If you think it sounds weird, just remember you finished a book full of sparkly vampires.)

Other Meyer books:

THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER, or if your eyes can take the strain... the partially completed MIDNIGHT SUN which you can find on her website

2. You love vampires.

Sparkling or vicious, maybe what you really love is vampires. My favorite (which includes the good and the blood-thirsty kind) is Richelle Mead's VAMPIRE ACADEMY series. (Ignore the lame-o title and covers.) These books include a main female character that kicks butt. (No clumsy-perpetually-in-need-of-saving Bella here.)

Other vampire-centric books:

3. You love paranormal romance.

Wow, this genre is HOPPING right now. Seriously, the market is flooded. From angels to werewolves to faeries, you can pretty much pick your poison. One of my favorites is SHIVER. It's a story written in alternating point of views following a girl who is saved after being attacked by wolves and the wolf who saved her.

Other paranormal romances:

HUSH, HUSH (angels), THE DARK DIVINE (werewolves) or BEAUTIFUL CREATURES (magic)

4. You love a good love triangle.

Oh, the beloved and torturous love triangle... My number one pick for "getting over Twilight" falls in this catagory. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series follows a group of 'shadowhunters' in their quest to slay demons. It's filled with quick dialogue, engaging characters and a fabulous love triangle.

Other love triangle stories:

WICKED LOVELY or again, THE HOST which is one of the most original takes on a love triangle I've seen

5. You love "cross over" YA books.

A book equally as popular with adults and teens is considered a crossover. My favorite is the novel by Suzanne Collins, THE HUNGER GAMES. It's a tightly written, quick novel following another fabulously tough female character, Katniss, who is picked by lottery to participate in a televised 'fight to the death 'game'.

Other crossovers:

If none of these help, I'm going to defer to a big bag of chocolate and rereading Twilight again.

So, what have you guys read to overcome your "Twilight Withdrawal"?

June 25, 2010

F-Bomb Friday

Today's guest post comes to you from Mimi at Living in France. At this point, I can't even remember how I found Mimi. Did she find me? Who knows! What I do know is that she never fails to make me laugh. If you're not following her, you're missing out. She brings the joy, people.

Hi everyone! I'm so completely freakin' flattered that hotpants™ asked me to do a guest post for her! She's my homegirl. <--- She taught me that homegirl is, indeed, one word. Where would we all be without her?! I shudder to even think about it. If you don't know me or read my blog, then you are so missing out probably don't know about my weekly feature, F-Bomb Friday. It is the feature in which I share some douchey embarrassing story where I usually come off looking really stupid or bad. Sometimes they are not so funny, like maybe twice. Hey, I try to keep it light over in France.

Without anymore yammering, here is an F-Bomb Friday for ya. And, people, I saved this one. I saved it for you!

Okay, maybe I was too embarrassed to post it on my blog which may or may not because my aunt reads it. You will understand what that means when I shut the heck up and just get on with it.

This is the one in which I scope out members of the opposite sex at a funeral.

And, yeah, I'm a married stay at home mom who is a bit on the fat pleasantly plump side.

I had no business checking anyone out.

Especially at a funeral.

Let me clarify that.

Especially at my Grandmother's funeral.


I'm a complete asshat sometimes.

Onto the good stuff.

Here we are, my entire family and a few close friends who I don't know, in a church. We're gathered in our Sunday best to pay our last respects to my 83 year old grandmother. There were a bunch of people from out of town there who I didn't recognize. Family and friends both.

So, I'm sitting there worrying about my stupid pantyhose and I notice a nice looking man across the lobby.

I'm thinking that I like his goatee... he's slim, tall, blond (which usually isn't my thing) and looks pretty stylish.

Wonder if he's single?

**checks the ring finger**

Yep. Single!

Does he have a girlfriend?

**looks for women around him**

Nope. Just my cousins.*

Wonder how old he is?

**tries to see if there are wrinkles**

Hm. Not old, but older than me.

Wonder if he's friendly...

**smiles at him**

Yep, he's friendly! Smiled back!

Must find out his name.

**leans over and asks my mom, "Who's that guy over there?"**

"Oh, that's Chris.** You know. Your cousin."

***sounds of tires coming to a screeching halt***


In my defense (and I totally need one here) I hadn't seen Chris in 8 years.


Tell me you don't check for wedding rings on good looking guys whether you're married or not.


You don't?


*Hello. Cousins? Should've been a red flag on that one.

**Like I'm gonna use his real name. I have to protect the innocent. And myself.

Thank you for letting me guest post, hotpants™!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

June 24, 2010

Trainwreck Thursday
Andy Dick

Tara's a married twenty-something, lover of celebrities and fan of Twilight. I'm sure you can see why we're friends. What's normally a weekly feature at that's why her hair is so big is here at Handbags & Handguns today. This, my friends, is a special treat.

hey y'all!
my name is tara, and you can normally find me at that's why her hair is so big.
thursdays at my blog typically involve the most awesome series ever.
i really hope y'all love celeb gossip as much as i do!
with that being said, welcome to trainwreck thursday!

on trainwreck thursday, i feature a celebrity and their poor choices!
and now, i invite you to join me for...

trainwreck thursday: featuring andy dick

andy dick is an american comedian/actor. in my opinion, he is best known for being strange and controversial. andy's television career began in 1992 on the sketch comedy show, the ben stiller show. he appeared on a variety of shows over the years, but in 2001, he got his own show. the andy dick show aired on mtv for 3 seasons. he has also had cameo appearances in a few movies including dude where's my car, zoolander and old school.

like i said, i think andy is most famous for his very erratic behavior. need examples? in 1999, andy drove his car into a pole. he was charged with driving under the influence and possession of cocaine and marijuana, to which he pled guilty. in 2005, andy was removed from the stage and his show was cancelled after he dropped his pants and exposed himself to the audience. in 2006, he infuriated his audience when he used racial slurs directed at them. also in 2006, he groped and licked several celebs at the roast of william shatner. he went straight to rehab after this event.

wait, that's not enough? you wanna hear more?

in early 2007, he was removed from the jimmy kimmel show after repeatedly touching another guest, ivanka trump. later in 2007, he was caught urinating on a sidewalk and a building. in 2008, andy was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and sexual battery. he pulled down a 17-year-old girl's tank top and bra. in 2009, andy appeared on dr. drew's show, sober house, in an attempt put an end to his addictions.

in late 2009, andy claimed that he had been sober for about a year. in early 2010, he was arrested on charges of sexual abuse.

(all info from wikipedia)

i feel like andy's entire career has been a trainwreck. the difference between him and many of the other celebs i have featured is that the other celebs have had a decent amount of success with a few downfalls here and there. when it comes to andy, i can't seem to figure out many positive things that have taken place in his career.

arrests, drugs, rehab, sexual assault...
do you think there's any chance for andy to turn his life and career around?

wanna check out other trainwrecks i've featured?

britney spears
amy winehouse
lindsay lohan
miley cyrus
heidi montag
mischa barton
tara reid
courtney love
pete doherty

lots of love to hotpants™ for letting me entertain y'all while she's away!

June 23, 2010

Living in Hollywood

In Salt's own words, she is a newlywedded, graphic designing, yoga addicted, shopaholic, art, music, and horror film lover. She's also funny, sarcastic and loves vampires. Hello! I hope it doesn't seem like all my bloggy friends are vampire lovers, but it definitely helps on my Imaginary Scale of Points for Bloggy Friendship.

hotpants™ Imaginary Scale of Points for Bloggy Friendship

1. Funny - 10 Points
2. Mommy Blogger - 20 Points
3. Fan of Celebrities - 30 Points
4. Comments Regularly - 50 Points
5. Lover of Shiny Gadgets - 100 Points
6. Thinks Britney Spears is 'The Shit' - 250 Points
7. Addicted To Clothes, Shoes and/or Handbags - 500 Points
8. Loves Vampires - 5000 Points

Let's just say Salt has a lot of points.

Hiya, everyone! I'm Salt of Salt says, and I'm honored to be helping out my good friend hotpants™ this week while she is on vacay. Given the nature of her blog, when she asked me to post, my first thought was to write about a celebrity encounter.

Of course then I learned that Surferwife had beaten me to it which is cool because she like... invented them.

Then I thought, maybe I could take you on a little photo tour of my life when I used to live in Hollywood, made possible by the fact that my iPhone is pretty much permanently fused to my hand. This idea got what I think was an enthusiastic thumbs up. So let's just jump right in because if I don't, this is going to turn into a novel real quick.

Let's see...

Looks more woodsy than Hollywoodsy, doesn't it? I lived in a studio apartment on this street, which is one block up from Sunset and two blocks down from Hollywood Boulevard. Every morning, I would wake up (feeling very much unlike P. Diddy), and head down to my job on Wilshire, about 4 miles away. Thankfully I only had to drive surface streets; all the rumors you have heard about LA traffic are completely true.

I worked as a graphic designer for a well-known entertainment magazine that took up pretty much the entire first floor of this building. The coolest thing about the job – besides the fact that I was a graphic designer for a well-known entertainment magazine – was that I was a short elevator ride from my heroes at Fox Animation (Family Guy!), and just across the street from E! Studios, the LACMA and the LaBrea Tar Pits.

One day I decided it would be a great idea to take my lunch across the street and eat in the park at the tar pits. Do. Not. Recommend. Imagine what hot tarring a roof smells like and magnify it by like 1,000.

Aside from going to work, I rarely had to drive. One of the nicest things about living where I did is that everything I would ever need was like right there. Let's take a walk up to Hollywood Boulevard, shall we?

Here is the view from the steps of where I got my LA Fitness on. You can see some of the Walk of Fame stars on the sidewalk, and there is one of about a billion tour buses I would see every week. I'm sure at least one of the folks standing near the bus was selling maps to star's homes. My favorite little grocery store is downstairs and also the Knitting Factory where lots of interesting bands, such as Insane Clown Posse, play. Their fans were some of the most terrifying people I have ever seen in my life.

And to the left there is a DSW. As I said... everything I would ever need.

The tall building across the street on the left is the famous Roosevelt Hotel.

Home of the bar Teddy's, where I unknowingly ordered a $16 glass of HOUSE Cabernet and said "hi" to Kate Hudson in the bathroom. The hotel also has an exclusive pool where I was able to hang out a few times because my bff knew someone staying there. The mojitos were awesome. (As they should have been for $20 apiece. Ridonkulous.)

Anyway, I would walk past the Roosevelt every evening on these stars...

Who's walking all over who NOW, Nancy Sinatra?

And then I could look up and see this very familiar building on the other side of the street...

On an off day, I could stop out front and see how my hands and feet measured up to some of the most famous actors of all time, but sometimes a movie premiere would be going on and Hollywood Boulevard would be abuzz with red carpet madness. I liked to watch from the other side of the street depending on how much I cared about the movie. Some of the actors were very friendly and would come over to greet fans. Which is how I got this photo of Renee Zellweger.

Serious case of the skinnies. Couldn't have been nicer. But celeb encounters are Surferwife's job this week.

Because there are so many landmark buildings, movie productions will occasionally shut down this part of Hollywood Boulevard. Awesome if you're a tourist ...not awesome if you're trying to get to your house. The street was closed for three days because of this overturned tractor trailer. It was for a scene from the movie Hancock.

On a regular night, my neighbors and I would walk to the Kodak Theater, home of American Idol and the Academy Awards. The theater complex is also a mall with a bunch of high end stores and restaurants, including a sushi joint where we hung out often. I also loved the hipster bar across the street called Power House that had only one beer on tap, PBR.

I've always been more of dive bar gal than a night clubber, but obviously there were some really fun clubs around West Hollywood and fun, upscale bars on Cahuenga.

Citizen Smith was my favorite.

Here is a poorly lit picture of the amazing architecture in the Kodak courtyard. If you look through the big arch, you can see the tiny Hollywood sign on the mountain in the background.

I miss it a lot sometimes though I don't regret moving away because if I hadn't, I never would have married my husband. He trumps swank pool parties and awards shows any day of the week.

Really I'm just happy to have had the amazing experience of living and working right there where all the action is.

Thanks again to the fabulous hotpants™ for allowing me to take over her blog today to show you a glimpse of my days in Hollywood! I hope I haven't bored all of you to death!

June 22, 2010

Super Crafty Idea with A Giveaway

What can I say about Terri? She's one of my bestest friends in real life. We text each other all day long. We shop together. Our kid's play together. We're going to see the midnight showing of Eclipse together. {in matching shirts} She's simply... super fabulous! She's also one of the craftiest people I know. Keep reading, and you'll see.

Helllooo, Handbags & Handguns readers!
My name is Terri.

I have a slight obsession with shoes... and crafty things.
Hotpants™ asked me to craft up something fabulous for you gals (and guys).
I don't know how fabulous this is, but it sure is a quick & easy little something you could make for yourself or as a gift.


Supplies Needed:
-random piece of wood found stashed in the garage
-spray paint
-sealer (or not)
-pretty paper
-mod podge
-sand paper

I've been needing a little something extra to put in my bathroom. And since I like to change my mind and switch things up pretty often, I wanted something for tha cheap!


{1} I found a random piece of wood in the garage. No sanding or anything, and just spray painted it brown to my heart's content. {2} After a coat (or 3) and it's nice and dry, you can distress to your liking. I'm not big on distressing so when I do, it's very minimal. For this project, I did the sides only. {3} Gather your pretty paper. I cut out my letters using my Cricut Alphalicious cartridge. If you don't have a Cricut, you can use pre-cut letters or stencil and cut out your own. Mod Podge these to your wood. Be sure to put the glue directly onto the wood as well as on the back of your paper. Smooth out any bubbles, let dry for a bit and seal them with another top coat of Mod Podge. {4} After your letters have dried for a bit, add a coat (or 3) of some sort of sealer. I used Rustoleum's 2x Ultra Cover Clear Gloss. This seals it as well as making it shiny and pretty! {5} I let my sealer dry 24 hours and then I embellished. Feel free to use as much or as little as you'd like.


And you're all done! Simple enough, right?
Now, go make your own.
Low on pretty paper and embellishments?
Have I mentioned that Target has some really {cute} crafting supplies?
How about a $25 Target gift card to get your stash started?

All you have to do to win is become a follower of my blog and also be a follower of Handbags and Handguns. Let me know by commenting on this post.
You have until June 27th to enter this giveaway.
A winner will be selected at random.

In the meantime, get crafting bitches!

Peace Terri