June 14, 2010

The Talk of Tinseltown
That Damn SCRAM

January Jones was involved in a hit-and-run a few blocks away from her home. Police reports state she lost control of her SUV and crashed into three parked cars. January says she was trying to avoid the paparazzi when she crashed. An officer on the scene said there were witnesses who claimed she was being pursued by the paparazzi. The police also said she will not be charged with a hit-and-run since she returned to the scene to exchange information with the owners of the other vehicles. Ms. Jones can't be investigated for driving under the influence since she left the scene of the accident. Why leave the scene at all unless you're guilty of something?

Miley Cyrus is upset over recent criticism of her raunchy image. She thinks there's a double standard in the entertainment industry that allows young male stars like Zac Efron to strip onscreen, but condemns women who flaunt their assets. This double standard isn't new, but it is a bit different when you're a minor and a Disney star.

Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM bracelet went off the night off the MTV Movie Awards. She insists she didn't drink. Her mom says someone spilled a drink on the bracelet. You and I know this is a bunch of bull. I'm anxious to see what the judge thinks. Lindsay isn't due in court again until July 6.

After months and months of speculation, Summit Entertainment announced that the final installment of The Twilight Saga will be split into two movies with the first hitting theaters in November 2011.

John Stamos will be joining Glee next season. He will play Emma's dentist, who she falls for and starts a relationship with.

Charlie Sheen should’ve been in prison a couple of days ago, but a last minute argument over his plea deal has delayed his incarceration until July. The jail’s administrative officer thinks Charile shouldn’t be eligible for work release. Why are celebrities constantly getting special treatment? Charlie has a known drug problem, an addiction to hookers and threatened his wife with a knife. Let him spend thirty days in the slammer like a big boy.

Rumors are circulating that Halle Berry may have reconciled with baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry. “At first it was a practical decision for Halle,” claims a source. “But things quickly heated up and got emotional. Now they’re back together and giving their love a second try. They’re in counseling, and they’re putting their hearts and souls into working through their issues.”

Larry King's wife, Shawn Southwick, left a handwritten suicide note before overdosing on prescription pills. The police report claims there were two notes on the scene, one stating that she had taken Ambien and various anti-anxiety meds on purpose, and the other specifying where she wanted to be buried. I hope she gets the help she needs. Suicide is not the answer.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are said to be adopting a baby from Africa. A source says "Scarlett has always wanted to adopt from outside the U.S. She feels now is finally the right time.” The couple is fond of adoption as Ryan's older brother is adopted, and Scarlett's mom just recently adopted a baby girl. The couple is reportedly planning to adopt a baby from Ghana or Ethiopia.

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Marcie said...

Love this post! It is my favorite. That picture of Celine is hilarious.


Kristina P. said...

Honestly, I would take John Stamos over Will.

And I really hope Lindsay spends a hell of a lot of time in jail.

Salt said...

Uggg they are such a pretty couple. (Not Larry King obvs.)

So let me get this straight. After we see Eclipse in two weeks, we have to wait MORE THAN A YEAR for the next one!? Where is the fairness in that!?

Salt said...

Oh and I got so upset about the Twilight thing that I forgot about Miley.

She's a whore. She'll end up in Playboy.

Macey said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if Lindsay and Charlie ended up in the same jail and fell in love? Then they could do a reality show where Lindsay gets attacked by Charlie, with a knife, and Charlie gets shot in the face and Lindsay gets her good image back.
Then they can send me a check for 10 mil for writing such a great show! Awesome! It's win-win!

Anonymous said...


Hally Berry and her ex are sickeningly attractive!

To be fair to Miley... I thought Zac Efron looked pretty slutty in the magazine shoot he did with the naked girl.

Vanessa said...

*golf clap* for your summary to Miss Cyrus. That girl needs to get a clue.

And if John Stamos is on Glee, I may need to start watching.


Loved reading all of this.:)SarahD

Kiki said...

great hollywood wrap-up, celine. and congrats on your twins. and thank you for cutting your son's hair. xxo.

Shorty said...

Love the post, and as always, your 'sponsored by' pic cracked me up!

TLF said...

Who is January Jones?
Miley's the next Britney S.
Lindsay's the next Brittany M.
Breaking Dawn, YUM!
Glee, Pass..
Someone get Charlie some help!
Gabriel & Halle, it's not gonna work.
I had not heard about LK's wife.. If I had to do that, I wouldn't wanna live either!
Ryan looks mega creepy in that pic!

There.. I'm done. :)

Gosfam said...

Thanks for the rundown. I have no idea who January Jones is--should I? Miley definitely is dressing slutty, but I hope it doesn't go too much further. John Stamos on GLEE is exciting!!

Anonymous said...

For those who don't know, January Jones is on Mad Men.

Sharlene T. said...

Appreciate the catch-up. Miley is history...no sales...that means no shows...that means...more slutty pictures of another young starlet going down the tubes of "don't you know who I am?" foolishness...loved Celine...nice to know she's normal...

Twitter: SolarChief

Shelley said...

I hope Miley figures it out soon.

And LiLo.

Figures what out? That being a druggy/acoholic/fame whore/skank is not the way to be loved in Americas eyes. Ugh.

How did I not know Scarlett and Ryan were even a couple? I need to start reading more People magazines or something! At least I have you! :-)

I'm so glad that Breaking Dawn will be two films! Yessss!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Ah I miss my US Weekly but this did just fine! Miley is a hot mess she most definitely cannot act nor dress like that.

tara said...

i'm pretty upset that the first part of breaking dawn wont be out for over a year! sads. :(

and miley is a trainwreck.

Nikosmommy said...

Good to see Halle and her delicious baby-daddy are trying to make a go of things again..
And Scar-jo and RR are adopting...hmmm maybe she doesn't want to gain the fat that comes with pregnancy??!

Jessica said...

Miley is the next Lindsey. I'm convinced.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm a big fan of adoption and I think it's awesome that Scarlet and Ryan want to adopt. But they need to have some kids of their own, too. Those genes are too pretty not to pass on.

And...yeah...if I were Emma, it would be no question. John Stamos wins.

Fabulous Terrah said...

LOL !!! LOVED this post. ♥

The Suburban Princess said...

I don't know about you, but people are always spilling their drinks all over my scram bracelet. So annoying! lol.

Miley Cyrus sounds like a dude when she talks and Celine Dion just plain freaks me out.

A Real Housewife said...

monday's chelsea handler gave a little more insight into january's hit & run, too......she was at a party beforehand, was drinking beer and when she got in the accident, she called Bobby Fley whom she had just met! nut job.

Olivia Carter said...

Breaking Dawn movie... I gotta admit, I'll be there opening night and totally into it no matter how it turns out (I mean look at Twilight it was kind of a bizzaro movie) but I gotta say I'm worried about how it's going to turn out. I think its one of those books that reads better than its going to look on screen. I'm just putting it out there.