June 27, 2010

Thank you, ladies.

I'd like to thank these fabulous ladies for entertaining you while I was away.

Obviously, I love them, but I think you do too.

Didn't they do a wonderful job?

Salt from Salt says

Mimi from Living in France

Olivia from Gnome Sweet Gnome

Terri from Peace, Love & Applesauce

Tara from That's Why Her Hair is So Big

Candice from Life According To Candice

Surferwife from A Day in the Life of a Surferwife


Macey said...

You are welcome! It was fun!
And your other guest posters were awesome too! :)

Sharlene T. said...

They were great... But, party's over, get back to work and regale us, once more...

Twitter: SolarChief

tara said...

it was fun! thanks again! now you better have a super awesome post tomorrow, no excuses! <3

Julie Leah said...

Thank you so much, lady! I enjoyed it! However, I was starting to miss you. I'm with Tara, tomorrow's post better be ah-mazing!! xo

Christina said...

It was such a fun week and I've started following quite a few of them!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

So glad youre back but was entertained while you were away!

SurferWife said...

Wow. I have never been given an official blogging thank you card before.

Such beautiful blogging ettiquette.

I have none.

Marcie said...

Great blog etiquette and I can't wait to read up on these ladies.

xo Marcie

Olivia Carter said...

Thanks for the chance! It was so much fun! And thanks for being so fabulous!

TLF said...

Fun week!!
You need to pick the winner for the giveaway. Or should I do it and post it on my blog? Let me know..