August 30, 2010

2010 Emmy Fashion
Colors of the Rainbow

Keri Russell

Keri looks adorable in this color, but the dress doesn't seem to fit the event.

January Jones, Mary Hart

I love this shade of blue on January, but don't love the dress. It's a bit whack-a-doo.
Mary looks like a mermaid wearing leis.

Julia Ormond, Jessalyn Gilsig

I'm not loving Julia's frock. Plus, she should have done something different with her hair.
Jessalyn's dress is simple, but pretty. The color works for her.

Jenna Fischer, Maura Tierney

Jenna always wears dresses like this. Why can't she wear something with straps and a shape?
Maura looks great in this color. The dress is simple, but beautiful.

Christina Hendricks, Amy Poehler, Emily Blunt

Christina always gets it right when it comes to her curvy frame.
I don't know if this is Amy's color, but I've got to give it to her. She just had a baby 3 weeks ago!
I like that Emily's dress is adorned with flowers. It stands out in a good way.

Kate Flannery, Emily Deschanel, Jane Lynch

Kate's dress isn't flattering at all... the color or the style.
Emily's dress looks like a flapper and florist designed it. I'm not digging the harsh bangs either.
Jane's dress looked beautiful on tv. This picture isn't doing it justice.


TLF said...

Finally, some color!!
Keri needs boobs or should find another dress.
I love January's hair!
Mary Heart.. YUCK!
Jessalyn Gilsig(who is she??) looks fab! She's about the only one I'm a fan of here.

Macey said...

How come I don't know who most of these people are?? I'm such a dork.

TEFL Ninja said...

I don't know who any of them are either, but that purple fringed horror - that will be seared in my memory for eternity.


The main trouble with most of the frocks is that they are being photoed in daylight, they look a bit "wrong" as a result. Need to see them in the right context to really know if I like them or not.

LipGloss Ninja said...

I think Keris dress is gorgeous but she needed to *fill* it a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Super pretty color on Keri, but it looks like she's wearing her moms dress, sans her moms boobs. Bad fit.
January, whatevs
Mary, go away
Julia looks like a frump
Loves Jessalyns dress, unfortunately it blends with the carpet
Jenna, same as usual
Maura looked beautiful, especially in her short hair
Holy Hannah Christina and her boobs!
Amy was rockin the boobs too!
Emily looks fresh, love it!
Kate, bad move, bad hair
Emily, icky, bangs included
Jane rocked it!

Sharlene T. said...

I couldn't get past January's dress... designer must hate women... good calls on the others...

Meghan said...

Christina Hendricks = my total girl crush!