August 30, 2010

2010 Emmy Fashion
Cute Couples

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

Brooke Burke & David Charvet

Ty Burrell & wife Holly

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

Jennifer Carpenter & Michael C. Hall

Michael Emerson & Carrie Preston

Jimmy Fallon & wife Nancy

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt

Anna and Stephen are so cute together.
Carrie's hair matches her dress. I don't like this.
I couldn't help but wonder if Jimmy's wife is preggers.
Even though they play brother and sister, I love Jennifer and Michael together.
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are still going strong. I don't know what she's wearing though.


Natalie said...

I love Tom Hanks. He's not your stereotypical sexy, but there's just something about him. Maybe it's his sense of humor.

Macey said...

Um. Rita looks pregnant.
Also, I'm with Natalie. Tom Hanks is my fave.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Anna and Stephen are cute together, but I do not love her dress.

I totally wondered the same thing about Jimmy's wife.

Michael and Jennifer are way too cute together.

I love Kevin and Kyra, but they look like such a mess. Well, she does more than him, I think. Probably just because her hair's down.

Anonymous said...

Man, that Stephen Moyer must be TINY!
Can Brooke and David be any more gorgeous?
Oh Ty, no wonder why you look so bad, your wife doesn't have any style either!
I don't like Kevin Bacons porn stache.
Michael and Jennifer play brother and sister on Dexter?! Too funny!
I think it's funny you pointed out Carries hair matches her dress! HA!

Wonder if the Fallons will be announcing anything soon? Love how cute, fresh and in love they look though!
Oh Rita, the 60's look is not a good look on someone that went THROUGH them!!
Jon Hamm is married to Jennifer Westfeldt? I love him even more!

Nikosmommy said...

Love love LOVE your Emmy coverage!!! Great pics...

mypixieblog said...

I thought the same thing once I saw that picture of Jimmy Fallon's wife. They do make a handsome couple though, don't they? And man--I covet Anna Paquin's shoes (not that I could ever walk in those... but more power to her!).

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

I missed the Emmy's - thanks for the pics! Brooke Burke looks so beautiful, she looks fake!

A Real Housewife said...

i think anna & stephen are adorable, but so ready for sookie's relationship with eric to get steamy and for bill to go away.

tom hanks and rita wilson are the most adorable golden couple, but what the eff rita with your hideous dress thingy?

TLF said...

Anna's wearing stripper shoes and I hate her dress. But I'm loving her makeup!
Eva & Tony still look so in love!
Brooke & David are the cutest couple out of the bunch.
Ty Burrell's wife is wearing the WEIRDEST dress!
Someone get Kyra a burger, stat!
Morgan & Morgan are as fab as ever!
Who the flick fixed Rita's hair??!
I have no idea who Jon Hamm or is wife is.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Brooke Burke & David Charvet are an incredibly good looking bank of genes. Cant wait to see what their kids grow up to look like.

LOVIN Michael C Halls curls!

LipGloss Ninja said...

Kevin and Kyra are looking rather aged....but i love them!

Meghan said...

I think I'm the only one who hated Anna's dress, but I do love her in general. And I thought Jennifer Westfeldt looked AMAZING - and I am uber jealous of her too:) Love me some J Hamm!

City Girl (EC1) said...

Great Emmy's posts! Enjoying your blog :) City Girl x