August 30, 2010

2010 Emmy Fashion
The Rest

Dianna Agron, Rutina Wesley

Dianna's dress is very Gone With The Wind.
Rutina's dress is definitely different. I love her shoes though.

Stephanie Pratt, Betty White

Stephanie's dress looks like a shirt that needs a pair of jeans under it. I want her shoes too.
Betty White is still kicking it in her 80s. She can do no wrong.

Glenn Close, Toni Collette

Both of these dresses are blah and boring. And what's with the color?

Kris Jenner, Lauren Graham, Kristen Wiig

I think Kris would have looked better in a solid than this print.
I didn't like Lauren's dress at first, but it grew on me. Besides, she's so pretty.
Kristen's dress is yet another that had a little something extra that ruined it.


Macey said...

I like Dianna Argon's dress! I don't know why, but I do.
And Kris looks fat, which she isn't, but that dress is not good.
Lauren Graham looks like she has a pillow case thrown over her shoulder...? lol

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Rutina looks all greased up!

A Real Housewife said...

laughing at what Dezzy said...totally feel the same way. I really wish Tara's character would take a serious backseat in True Blood, like she does in the novels.

TLF said...

I think Stephanie Pratt looks the best in the group!
WTF is up w/ Rutine??! Way too much Crisco!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't a fan of Dianna's dress, too flouncy
Rutina? Whatever
Really? A Pratt was even invited? Get some pants on girl!
Loves me some Betty White!
I like both Glenns and Toni's dresses, but you're right, what's with the non-color?
TOTALLY agree about Kris, a solid black would have been WAY better on her!
Now I love me some Lauren Graham, but doesn't it look like she's wearing a baby bjorn?
Kristen Wiig = NOT!