November 05, 2010

Currently, November 2010

Current Book
I still haven’t finished Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I’ve been reading it for a month. I should really do something about this.

Current Album
I’ve mostly been listening to Hits 1 on Sirius XM radio. I love their morning show.

Current Songs
Like a G6, Far East Movement
Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure
Hawaii Five-Oh Baby

Current Drink
Cherry Limeade Crystal Light with a splash or two of vodka

Current Outfit
grey sweatshirt dress from Target, black tights & black riding boots

Current Celebrity Crush
I guess I'll have to go with the two dudes on Hawaii Five-O.

Current Mood

Current Excitement
going to the movies tonight with Terri

Current Anticipations
cooler temps, hoodies, hot chocolate & a fire in the fireplace

Current Film
I haven't seen Jackass 3D yet, but I want to.

Current Picture

from The Sartorialist


A Real Housewife said...

why anxious and what movie are you two seeing tonight? i want to see due date in a bad way!

Jenn said...

Oh...I'm loving Hawaii's so great! And the guys ARE pretty hot! :)

BTW - I'm a new reader, thanks to Ian @ DDOR! :) I forgot to tell you that earlier this week!

Kori said...

Great post! I'm going to the movies tonight too! What are you seeing? Kori xoxo

Macey said...

What are you seeing?? I wanna see Morning Glory!!

TLF said...

Like a G6.. that's my jam!

Lou said...

Love that picture too - hope the anxiety lifts - take a deep breath! Lou x

Natalie said...

She did NOT just say that was her jam. Oh My.

What are ya'll seeing & what time? I may meetcha- depends on what all the boys want to do tonight. I kept hearing talk of skating or parties.

Kelly said...

Nice post - like taking a snapshot of your current life.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I have to agree with your two songs FO SHO

Meghan said...

I totally need to check out that XM station! I am slowly learning:)

Mrs. Match said...

I'm so ready for cooler temps and cozy nights by the fire. Our new rental home has a fireplace, yay!

Cathy said...

I saw Jackass 3D! It was everything I expected and more.

Ok, who's hotter? Hawaii 5-0 guys or Supernatural guys?

Nevermind, they're all hot.

Anonymous said...

Your current drink is the reason we need to hang out

Shelley said...

Your outfit sounds so cute!!