November 08, 2010

The Talk of Tinseltown
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British pop singer, Lily Allen, was rushed to the hospital this weekend with septicemia, a blood poisoning condition that can be fatal. Britain's Daily Mail reports the hospitalization came days after Allen suffered her second miscarriage. I hope she's able to heal in private without journalists trying to be all up in her business.

Kanye West can't stop talking about Taylor Swift. In a recent radio interview, Kanye practically takes credit for Swift being "the most popular artist in the world". Seriously, I get that he's a great songwriter and producer, but he's also a gigantic asshole.

Spencer Pratt told Life & Style mag that his divorce from Heidi was faked to land a reality show that fell through. Now they're filing for bankruptcy because they're broke and can't pay their bills. I hope other reality star wannabes get this message loud and clear.

What is the message? You have to be good at something or be interesting enough for people to want to pay you. I'm sorry, but big boobs and a crazy beard just aren't going to cut it.

According to Us Weekly, Disney star Demi Lovato dropped out of the Jonas Brothers' tour to check herself into rehab for emotional issues. The nature of Lovato’s problems weren’t disclosed, but numerous websites state the singer, 18, was in a physical altercation with a female member of her tour. The Associated Press reports she had self-mutilation issues and showed signs of an eating disorder. Hollywood and fame-whoring parents are expecting way too much of kids these days. I hope she can take a step back and find herself in this madness.

Many Demi supporters blame Ashley Greene's new romance with Lovato's ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, as the reason for the star's breakdown. I love how people are speculating this may have something to do with it. A girl upset that her boyfriend has a new lady in his life? Never!

Miley Cyrus was living it up in Spain on Thursday night when photographers snapped a picture of her holding a beer. Spain's legal drinking age is 18, but in many parts of Europe, the law is quite loosely enforced.

Since we're on the subject of Miley, Bret Michaels reportedly had an affair with her mom which prompted Billy Ray to file for divorce after 17 years of marriage. Miley obviously has enough problems without her mom banging Bret Michaels. Come on, Tish... what kind of mother are you?

Of course, Bret is saying this is an unfortunate rumor. I certainly hope so.

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Unknown said...

I just cannot bear idiots!! Not sure who I detest more out of the two of them, probably him, UGH!!!

Lily Allen sure is having a tough time, really sad about her miscarriage, she was 6mths pregnant :(

Kanye West.....UGH!!!!!

I love Talk of Tinseltown :) Happy Monday!

Vanessa said...

Some days I feel bad for all celebrities who have to have their private details made into 'news'. And then I feel bad that I actually often consider somebody else's private life 'news' to begin with.

I can't blame Billy Ray for leaving his wife if he even *thought* she'd been with Bret Michaels. I think Bret Michaels is hilarious and entertaining, but dude. He's been around.

Beth said...

you know ole Tish was bangin' Bret Michael's. I hate to judge, but she screams the look of someone waiting to get her Rock of Love VIP pass.

and Kanye is a major douche...BUT...Taylor should probably start writing songs thanking him. had he not had that major interruption, people would still be like "taylor who?" i used to like her, but now i think she's just a whiny little girl who writes in her diary too much.

TLF said...

My heart goes out to Lily.
Kanye is a douche.
Spedi.. HA!
Ashley Greene is SO PRETTY!

Ian said...

LMAO Hillary Clit-on. Whoops, sorry Hills.

Look forward to this post each week alot. Thanks for keeping me up to date.

Kristina P. said...

I believe the Bret Michael's rumor. It was in US Weekly, and that magazine is rarely wrong. Now, if it was Life and Style, it would be suspect.

A Real Housewife said...

horrible to say, but i wish Heidi and Spencer actually go bankrupt and hopefully get lost somewhere...far far away.

ashley greene is gorgeous.

Cathy said...

Tish and Bret make quite the horrifying couple.

I feel terrible for Lily Allen, I hope she can heal in private as well.

Spencer and Heidi will you please leave us alone, thank you.

What the hell is Kanye wearing?

Mrs. M said...

I love seeing pictures of Ashley without the Twilight hair. She is so pretty.

I think Bret would totally go there. I wonder if it's the first affair in the Cyrus household.

PS: DEXTER rocks!! :) I am all caught up (well, I will be tonight after we watch last nights episode).

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Spencer and Heidi are WHACK.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Kanye West needs to go away.

If I were Bret Michaels, I'd be calling that rumored affair "unfortunate" too.

Jessica said...

On the radio morning show that I listen to, they were just talking about Miley Cyrus this morning. They're predicting her a life very similar to that of Lindsey Lohan. Chances are looking good.

Anonymous said...

The whole Demi Lovato thing just makes me sad. Poor kid.
Wasn't she just on ANTM talking to the girls about eating healthy, or was that some other Disny star?

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Speidi is so ridiculous. And Demi seemed somewhat normal... guess the fame gets to even the best of them.

tara said...

i would have emotional issues if ashley greene hooked up with my (ex) man too.

Macey said...

Kanye's ego is almost as big as his asshole-ey-ness.

Macey said...

Oh. And I feel really bad for Lilly.

Christina said...

Poor Lily! I really love her! She suffered a miscarriage a few year ago also. She always talked about how much she wanted to be a mom. Her baby was due the same time mine is. So sad!!!

Demi seems to have a good head on her shoulders, I hope she can get the help she needs!

I hate Kanye. And Speidi.

Miley has been teetering a line lately. I hope her parents’ problems don’t push her over the edge.

Sharlene T. said...

Love you take on the actors, today, as always... Yeah, TSwift does seem to whine a lot in her songs...

Trixie and Tess said...

So sad about Lily having a miscarriage. Seems like she was pretty far along.

Kanye is an ass.

Spencer/Heidi need to get a life.

Miley needs to get things together before she finds herself following in LiLo's footsteps. Hoping the rumors about her mom and Bret Michaels is just that...rumors.

Hope you're having a great week so far!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Bret Michaels? Can I just say....ewwwwwwwwwww!

Salt said...

Spencer is looking rather Geico caveman-ish lately. GROSS.

And seriously Tish? Way to be an awesome role model for your already questionably moraled daughter.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Ugh Kanye makes me so angry - stick to music dude it's all you got going for you.

Spencer and Heidi are broke? Really, never would have seen that coming maybe she should have rethought her surgery and all the spending on lavish items that they have. I'd love to have 20+ designer handbags but I realize I can't afford them and no one is paying me to do reality shows and pimp their bags for them.. hmm I might need to change this.

Tish must have a thing for dudes with strange hair... Billy Ray's mullet was actually when he had NORMAL hair... and that's a stretch. *shakes head*

Anonymous said...

Lily Allen = sads
Kanye = douche
Speidi = (I've got nothin here)
Demi = so young, getting away and help is what she needs
Miley with a beer! GASP!
Miley's Mom and Bret = a lot of nastyness

Shelley said...

I think I say this every time but...I love your Talk Of Tinseltown posts!