December 21, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Carols

Even though I'm slightly obsessed with Christmas carols, I don't start listening to them until after Thanksgiving. I have a mix with over 40 songs. I add to it every year. I've got classics by Andy Williams and Bing Crosby. I have an entire collection of Elvis Christmas songs. They're my favorite. I have Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and a cheesy version of the Little Drummer Boy by Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. I've got songs from movies, songs you've never heard of and songs that will get you dancing around the Christmas tree even if you're not in the mood.

Here are just a few of my absolute favorites.

Elvis - Santa Claus is Back in Town

Andy Williams - It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bing Crosby + David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

Wham! - Last Christmas

What are some of your favorite Christmas carols?


Ian said...

Was just thinking this morning about how I haven't heard the Neil Diamond song - of course can't remember what the hell the title is and yes I am that lazy I will not google it. That one comes to mind plus any of the more religious ones. What? Jews like xmas shit too :)

Christina said...

I love Elvis, too. And I have that Simpsons sisters duet. It's kinda bad but kinda good at the same time. Hahah! I heard Britney's "Santa Can You Hear Me" at the grocery store yesterday. I love Christmas music! Good choices. I love them all.

Ed said...

I hate the Wham song. Even when Glee did it. I love Mariah, but am getting a little sick of hearing it on the radio.

Bring back the classics. Bing Crosby's White Christmas. Nat King Cole's Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire. Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby. That wierd little kid that sings the 'I want a Hippopatamus for Christmas' song.

Beth said...

love love love that last one. but the Wham! version only!

TLF said...

{love.} me some Christmas music!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love Elvis, but I absolutely hate his version of Blue Christmas.

My very favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. I also LOVE that David Bowie/Bing Crosby song.

Macey said...

That WHAM song was something they played on a loop at a Dept store I worked at. LOL!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

As anyone listened to Coldplay Christmas song?

OMG, it's the saddest Christmas song ever. I prefer the Wham in this case.

Mariah Carey's song is a classic but it's true it can be a little bit heave listening to it every second.

AJ said...

I love, love, love Bing Crosby. White Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies. However, my all time fave is Judy Garland singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in Meet Me in Saint Louis.