December 16, 2010

What Little Man is getting for Christmas

a Penguin Pillow Pet because black is his new favorite color

He told us his sister wants a Pig Pillow Pet because she's a pig when she eats.

Despicable Me dvd

Shrek dvd box set

a remote control Buzz Lightyear robot

an easel with a dry erase board, magnetic board and chalkboard

a Nintendo DS + some games

an Etch A Sketch

Crocs tennis shoes

SpongeBob Crocs to replace the ones he's outgrown

Somebody's going to be happy on Christmas morning.

So, what are your little ones getting?


AMY said...

Ditto on the Despicable Me and Shrek DVD's for my son too!

TLF said...

Brianna wants Despicable Me on DVD also!!
The list of crap I've bought my kids is a mile long.. it's ridiculous really!!

Christina said...

Awesome! I love the Crocs tennis shoes. My two year old seems to think he needs a Pillow Pet. He doesn't even use a pillow at night! It’s all about Thomas and Friends at our house this Christmas. We also got him some Tag Jr. Books, Mighty Machines DVDs, and a Sit and Spin.

Mrs. Match said...

WOW! That's a whole lotta Santa loot. Good Job hotpants! I got my niece the exact same Penguin pillow pet. I hope she likes it. I got my nephew a leggo Police Helicopter because his Uncle Match is going to be a Sheriff Deputy and he idolizes his Uncle Match. :-)

Macey said...

HOLY CRAP! Mine won't be as happy as yours for sure! LOL
I wanna be your kid.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love all of these gifts but I'm mostly jealous of the Shrek box set - I want that SO bad!!!

Candice said...

Good stuff! My kids love pengins for some reason. I should try and find them one of those pillows.

Olivia Carter said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!

My kids are getting pillow pets too. Syd a little sewing machine and Rob a Wolverine. They are also getting a bunch of puzzles (their new fav thing) and clothes (I'm boring but they need 'em!)

Making It Work Mom said...

Seriously Pillow Pets are EVERYWHERE!!! My 4 year old has had hers since June, but now wants a different one because EVERYONE has the ladybug. The most riduculous thing is that even my 11 and 8 year old want one!!
My 4 year old wants everything for Christmas. She is not very focused.

Scrappy Girl said...

My parents got Despicable Me for the girls. That movie is so cute.

MommaKiss said...

we're getting both of those movies (more for ME!).
My kid wants a ds. Bad. It's not the $$ to me, it's the 'gameing' to me. I can't start him on one yet.

Salt said...

He is going to have an AWESOME Christmas! What cool gifts! I have such a crush on pillow pets. A friend of mine gave me one as a Secret Santa gift.

It's a unicorn. In case you never could have guessed that.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Little man has been a very good boy! And the dude loooooooves his bee pillow pet. Santa is bringing him a Thomas the train table, lots o' trains, a clubhouse, tricycle, Rody the Horse...It goes on and on. He's the only grandchild and my only kiddo thus far, so we all went a little crazy this year. If he would give me the gift of a nap...I would be really happy. HA!~

Sherrie said...

Well, we cut back this year and decided to sponsor children from a local non-profit cancer organization. We also helped out a local needy grandma that just got her two grandchildren due to parental abuse. With that said, our boys aren't getting a whole lot. Together they are getting a slot car racing set, and we're getting a dartboard as a family gift. The oldest is getting a punching bag with gloves and a few educational games. The little guy is getting Andy's Gift Pack from Toy Story 3, some masks that make animal sounds, and some Woody/Buzz pajamas.

Love what your kiddos are getting, and I'm sure they will, too!

Ian said...

Nice work - especially the DS. I can't list out everything cause it's alot. Probably both of your lists combined and more.

We don't buy anything for ourselves we have such a large family. Would rather get our kid something than for each other.

We rock it like that

Anonymous said...

Umm, Crocs make a "tennis" shoe. Thanks for the info, I'm online buying them as we speak!

Sherri said...

oooo... I like those croc tennis shoes!

Trixie and Tess said...

Isaiah is getting DS games, Indiana Jones Legos (top o' the list), Harry Potter Legos (we're a little Lego crazy), a computer from Santa, and an Imaginext Big Foot from Santa...among other smaller things.

Isaiah LOVE Crocs too!