January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes
Funny Valentines

January Jones

Edie Falco

Natalie Portman

Claire Danes

Julianne Moore

Christina Hendricks

Lea Michele

January is beautiful, but her dress is a bit much.
Everyone on tv seemed to love Natalie's dress. I do not.
Claire looks stunning as usual. She looks great in pink.
Julianne does not look good.
Christina looks great even though I'm not a fan of red dresses with red hair.
Lea's dress is pretty, but something about her irks me.


TLF said...

I hated January's dress.. and how come she didn't wear jewelry? Weird!
Natalie's dress was NOT cute. And they flower was odd. Her shoes look like stripper shoes. Eek! Her speech was a bit odd also. LOL!!
When did Claire get so flat chested??!! But she looks gorg!
Julianne was sitting too long in the limo. I don't care how cute your dress is, it looks HORRIBLE when it's all wrinkled!
Christina H is such a sex symbol.. look at her!! Hahaha!!
Loving Lea Michele!

Candice said...

Thank you so much for your Golden Globe posts!! I missed most of the show and pre-show but was not worried because I knew I could come here and see it all!!!

Nicole Marie said...

claire looks beuatiful!! And I kind of liked Natalie's dress...but good lord the shoes are NOT making the outfit at all!

Unknown said...

The creasing on Julianne's dress is terrible - shame cos I love her and think she's beautiful.

Natalie Portman - didn't like that flower at all!

Christina Hendricks - her head looks so odd on top of all those ruffles, way too much going on!

Anonymous said...

I like Natalie's dress... just not with those shoes!

Lea Michele looks great!

Beth said...

oh natalie...you looked horrible. pregnant women can look good too...see jane k from 30 rock. and i loved claire danes too...but i wish she would have worn more sparkle like she did at the emmy's.

AMY said...

I only like Edie Falco.....think she looks Great!
Others are so so!

Christina said...

I thought January’s dress was too sexy/not classy, but she looked amazing! Natalie’s dress would have been better without that ugly red rose. And I didn’t like her hair at all! Christina and Claire were gorgeous.

Cathy said...

January Jones' dress is a nightmare. Ew.

Natalie's dress is ug, but her necklace is fantastic.

Juilanna Moore, what happened to your dress?

Lea looks like someone threw up cotton candy all over her.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Claire wins - she has the LESS is more thing going on perfectly... Um... Natalie's dress makes my head hurt... I don't think the rose is needed at all... at all!

Mrs. M said...

Natalie would have looked much better without that flower on her chest!

Macey said...

January's dress is frightening!

Nancy said...

I love that you do these posts every year!

I love Natalie but I'm not a fan of that dress either.

SharleneT said...

Just didn't see what everybody saw in Natalie's dress. Didn't do anything for her...

Karen M. Peterson said...

I hate January's dress almost as much as I hate Julianne's.

I'm sorry but I kind of love Natalie's dress. I think I would not love it if she didn't have the baby bump, though.

Anonymous said...

January's dress is a bit much.
I think Natalie looks pretty, but her outfit is not flattering at all and I hate the colors/rose. She really does look like a walking Valentine.
What is with the one long sleeve on Julianne's dress and the wrinkles?!
I think Lea Michele looks beautiful.

Lisa said...

Thank you - I think Natalie's dress is possibly the fugliest thing ever.

Do you read Crazy Days and Nights? My favorite gossip site!

Unknown said...

I don't like Christina's dress on her. I have a larger chest also (nothing compared to her obviously) and I just don't think having a large chest and all of that extra stuff up there is flattering.
I don't like Claire's dress. Firstly, she bugs me. Secondly, I just don't think its flattering. Something about the neckline.
For being pregnant I think Natalie's dress works. I think she can pull off almost anything. Love her!
Lea's is really pretty :)