January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes
Whites + Blues

Hailee Steinfeld

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jane Krakowski

Amy Adams

Jenna Ushkowitz

Mandy Moore

Tina Fey

Hailee looks great. Can you believe she's only 13?
J.Lo looks great, but I don't like her dress at all.
Jennifer Love Hewitt always looks like she's trying too hard. Her dress isn't cute.
Jane and Amy both look great. Both dresses are pretty.
Mandy looks like she's going to prom.


Christina said...

J.Lo should have lost the caplet, it made her look like a grandma. Jane shows how to pull off the maternity look! Jennifer Love’s was awful and I cannot believe she was nominated for that crappy TV movie about a hooker! I watched it, it was awful!!

Cathy said...

Hailee is adorable! Very classy and age appropriate.


Jane is rocking that dress. So cute.

Amy Adams looks great. I like the blue with the red hair.

Mandy Moore IS going to prom.

Tina Fey has me confused. I don't know if I like her dress or not.

Unknown said...

totally agree! I loved the fact that Hailee didn't have on a ton of makeup!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Jennifer Love looks like she's probably smuggling a pearl between her boobs... scallops are great to eat... not to wear... wait..oysters make pearls..whatever!

Amy looks amazing!

J-Lo = OH NO!

Hailee is adorable!

Beth said...

we cannot be friends...i LOVED j.lo's dress. :)

Mrs. M said...

I'm not sure about Tina Fey's dress, but I thinking it's not a very flattering picture either....

Macey said...

I was def thinking that the top girl must be like 12. LOL :)

TLF said...

I think Jennifer & Amy look stunning!!
JLo's dress reminds me of Sandy's prom dress from Grease. Eek!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer Love Hewitt, what happened?

I agree with PeaceLoveApplesauce... JLo looks divine, but that dress is straight out of Grease.

SharleneT said...

JLH what went wrong? Who fast-talked her into that dress with those goddawful shields on her bosom! Aaaarrrggghhh. But, I guess you can't complain when you get it for FREE!...just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said. Tina's dress is not flattering at all! Loved Jane's dress. Natalie could have showed some pointers from her on how to dress a baby bump. :)

Unknown said...

Amy Adams is my favorite and I agree with Jennifer love hewitts...eww!