January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes
Mish Mash

Heidi Klum

Helen Mirren

Kyra Sedgwick

Christina Aguilera

Kelly Osbourne

Gabourey Sidibe

Julianna Marguiles

Emma Stone

Heidi's dress is weird, but it works for her.
Helen always looks superb.
I don't care about Christina's dress. I just wish she'd wear less makeup.
Julianna's dress is not flattering. She should fire her stylist.
Emma's dress is super cute. I don't like her as a blonde though.


Kristina P. said...

I am so glad you have a full pic of Kelly. All I saw was her from the waist up on TV, and I couldn't figure out if that was her skin and it was a cut out or what was going on.

Also, I don't really understand what is going on with Christina Aguilera. She is not fat, by any means, but it does seem like she's putting on weight, and keeps squeezing into these dresses. It's unfortunate that she puts on weight in her face.

Unknown said...

Christina A, really don't like her dress.

Julianna - I agree, that dress is terrible - looks like it cost about $20 too!

Kelly O - really disappointing, she could have done so much better with her new figure.

Unknown said...
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Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I'm not a huge Emma as a blonde fan - isn't that her natural color too? I can't remember.

I am happy to see Kelly O is dressing better but I guess with a gig on Fashion Police she better dress amazing!

I'm so over Christina... I just am. There isn't a huge reason.

Did Heidi rip up one of her kids tents from the backyard?

Beth said...

even though i'm not a huge fan of the color of kyra's dress...it works really well with her earrings and her hair do. she's on the top of my "best" list.

and i'm kinda diggin emma stone as a blonde, but i get sad when gingers dye their hair. it's like a unicorn is dying.

Cathy said...

I actually really like Heidi's dress. I would totally wear it.

Helen Mirren looks fanfreakingtabulous! I want to look like that when I'm her age.

Julianna Marguiles looks wrong.

Mrs. M said...

I think Kyra and Helen are my favorites here!

Macey said...

Helen Mirren makes Christina look like a dirty whore. :)

Macey said...

Where are JM's boobs, by the way?

TLF said...

I love Kyra's dress!!
Chris A needs to lay off the bleach & red lipstick just a tad..

AMY said...

Heidi's makeup looks like CLOWN Makeup!

I like Kyra's dress too!

Anonymous said...

I love Kyra's dress! The color is so unexpected, but pretty.

Show them how it's done, Helen M.

SharleneT said...

I think Heidi is dressed all wrong -- yet, she hosts that runway show and passes judgment on other people! Go figure... Helen and Kyra are top-drawer. Beautiful.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Helen always looks great. Always. I wish my brother's weird crush was on her instead of Tilda Swinton.

With that blond hair, I think Emma Stone looks just like Jamie Pressley from My Name is Earl.

Unknown said...

umm..all I can say it ditto!! :)