January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes
Shimmer & Sparkle

Miss Golden Globe, Gia Mantegna

Megan Fox

Scarlett Johansson

Heather Morris

Carrie Underwood

Sandra Bullock

Melissa Leo

Amber Riley

I really like Miss Golden Globe's dress.
Megan doesn't look good in pale pink.
I guess Scarlett's dress is pretty, but it doesn't look right on her.
PS - Where did her boobs go?
Carrie is gorgeous, but she needs to change it up.
I don't like Sandra's dress or her bangs. I hate it too because I love her.


TLF said...

I love Joe Mantegna!! His daughter is stunning!! As is Heather Norris & Carrie!! I hated Megan's dress AND shoes, Scar's dress and Sandra's. But I did like Sandy w/ the bangs! Amber Riley looked adorable!!

Unknown said...

I love Sandra but really didn't like her look either - the dress did nothing for her - and I hate that fringe, ugh!

Cathy said...

Love the sparkly dresses!
Megan Fox in pink is a no-no.
Underwood is flawless, as usual.
Sandy's dress would have looked better with a messy updo.
Amber Riley is stunning in that dress! Work it girl.

Nicole Marie said...

Gia looked FANTASTIC! and what is up with Sandra? Dislike...all of it.

Liz said...

Is it just me, or does Heather Morris' dress look totally matronly? With her body and youth, I would have expected something more fun from her.

Liz said...

Oh, and I'm on board with Sandra's dress and bangs ~ no way!

Candice said...

I didn't watch it, but apparently it was boring as hell year for dresses at the GG's.

Where in the hell did color go?

By the way, Sandra looks like shit. I don't think I've ever said that before. Those bangs are horrid!

Christina said...

I thought Heather Morris looked amazing. I had never heard of Melissa Leo before I saw The Fighter and was amazed at how beautiful she is, because she is not in that movie. Megan Fox and Scarlett were blah. I didn't like Sandra's dress or hair either.

CB said...

How much would I kill to look like Megan Fox??? In pink or otherwise... She's still gorgeous!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm with you. Carrie Underwood needs to mix things up and Sandra's bangs are just not working.

Unknown said...

I knew I didn't need to watch, I could just come to you for the highlights! And Sandy's bangs are a little severe.

Anonymous said...

I'll disagree... i love Sandra's dress and hair.

I also love Megan Fox's dress, but I'm more distracted by the fact that she looks like a bobblehead doll.

Beth said...

i like megan fox and i liked sandra's dress....but not her bangs. and amber riley gets my vote for one of the best dressed of the night.

AMY said...

I LOVE Sandra.....but really dislike her hair (dress okay)!

Amber's dress looks a little bit like tinfoil to me.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Carrie looks awesome but I do agree about her needing to switch it up.

Um... Did Sandra and Scarlett BOTH go shopping in their Nanna's closets?!?! I don't like either dress or the drape of either dress ... Sandra needed to go with a wow color, she did nude and lacy and shimmer last year. That being said I HEART HER LONG TIME but just... wish it was a different dress.

Mrs. M said...

Amber looks great!

Macey said...

Poor Sandra. She was afflicted with a bad stylist this time around. :(
And Scarlett looks dowdy. Weird.
And seems like Carrie always looks the same and I have a crush on Megan Fox. I know it's wrong.

SharleneT said...

Sandra needs her bangs cut... I love Carrie's look. She's found herself and doesn't need to mix it up, in my opinion. That's how you end up with the losers, every year. They keep trying new things, whether it's right or not. The others still haven't found themselves and look terrible... And, would somebody please tell these girls and outfit isn't complete until the hair is fixed, too! aaarrrggghhhhh.

Anonymous said...

I like Megan's dress on her, but not the color.
Scarlett's dress is fine, but I agree. Maybe not on her. Her hair looks awful in my opinion.
I think Carrie looks great.
I don't like Sandra's bangs at all. They remind me of when my mom would cut my bangs when I was in elementary school. They are too thick.

Unknown said...

I agree. I think Sandra's dress would look better if she pulled her hair back.
Carrie's is okay, but normal for her.
I can't decide if I like Heather's or not. I think the color looks nice on her, but...
The sleeves on Scarlett's dress leave something to be desired...
Megan isn't as hot as she thinks she is. I don't like her dress.
Miss Golden Globes dress makes her torso look really short.