January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes
Why You're Still Here

Matthew Bomer

Ryan Kwanten

Zachary Levi

Jeremy Renner

James Franco

Jake Gyllenhaal

Scott Caan

Johnny Depp

Justin Bieber

Chris Hemsworth

Jim Parsons

Alec Baldwin

Peter Facinelli

the dudes from Dexter

I love Jeremy Renner's tux.
Johnny Depp cleaned up pretty nice considering how he usually dresses.
Hello, Mr. Hemsworth.


Cathy said...


Except for that beiber kid.

Mrs. M said...

I love men in suits! So I'm guessing Michael C Hall didn't attend? Did Jennifer???

Macey said...

All I can see is James Franco in my mind's eye. I'm thinking he's not going to age well.

TLF said...

Mr. Hemsworth, yes please.
Now HE should have gotten his own post!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Wow... just wow. Minus Little Justin B - I wouldn't kick any of these guys out of bed for eating crackers! ;)

SharleneT said...

I can see that the mantel has passed to the next generation and I like JGyllenhall and JRenner. These others are walk-thrus, I think... But, why oh why was JBieber there? I was terrified he was actually going to sing! I'll leave you all to drool...

Christina said...

Ooh la la (except for Bieber)! I also loved Jeremy Renner’s black on black look. And of course Jake was totally hot!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Jeremy Renner looks great. I think the rest are kind of boring.

And why does Quinn from Dexter look so pissed?

Unknown said...

I love Zachary Levi and jake!~ :)