January 31, 2011

2011 SAG Awards Fashion, Part I

Before I kick off Man Week, I want to do a quick fashion recap in case you missed last night's SAG Awards.

Nicole Kidman, Christina Hendricks

Dianna Agron, Amber Riley

Kyra Sedgwick, Julie Bowen

Sarah Hyland, Kim Kardashian

Annette Benning, Rosario Dawson

Jane Krakowski, Melissa Leo

Susan Sarandom, Mariska Hargitay

I think Sarah and Rosario both chose a color that worked for them.
I love that Julie's rocking the fancy pantsuit.
I think Annette looks fantastic.
The rest are booo-ring.


Mrs. Match said...

Julie is adorable. I love that Modern Family won.
I had no idea Jane was pregnant. She looks cute.
Why Kim Kardashian was even there is a mystery to me.

SharleneT said...

Piers Morgan asked her how she felt when people asked her about her talent -- I didn't hear the answer because my jaw had dropped and shut off my hearing! Cleavage?

Anonymous said...

Annette looked AMAZING! one of my faves.

Julie Bowen looks gorgeous.

WTF Diana Agron?

Courtney said...

I love Julie Bowen!

Rosario's dress is my favorite out of all of these!

Macey said...

What the hell is Christina Hendrick's wearing?

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Rosario - LOVE that color on her, but not sure about the dress!

Dianna Agron, HATE, but Amber Riley LOVE!

Julie Bowen - I adore her outfit, adore it!!!

Kim... while always pretty I feel like I'm about to quote Steel Magnolias when I look at her hips... if you remember the wedding scene and the lycra comment from Dollie you know what I'm about to say!

Anonymous said...

Mariska is so beautiful. I love its simplicity and elegance. Her face is beautiful. She's gorgeous

TLF said...

I don't think Nicole ever dresses cute!

AMY said...

Rosario Dawson is Gorgeous in that dress! Awesome!

AMY said...

Sarah Hyland is Gorgeous in her orangie dress too........LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Christina Hendricks is a bombshell but that dress is so WRONG for her.

Jamie said...

Nicole Kidman's dress was so stunning and then she threw in a big fat necklace to mess it up.

Don't get me wrong, the necklace is a masterpiece, but why the hell would you wear it with that dress?