January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes
The Lovers

Angie and Brad look great together as usual.
I love RDJ's look.
WTF is Seal wearing?
Christian Bale still looks hot with the beard and long hair. His wife's dress is unfortunate though.
I like Megan and Brian Austin Green together. I get it.
Nicole and Keith look fabulous together.
Marky Mark's wife looks amazing.
I totally cried when I heard Michael Douglas speak.


Unknown said...

Seal and Heidi are worst dressed couple for me....don't know if her make-up looked better on TV but in every photo I've seen, it looks awful.

Rita Wilson - another wrong choice of red carpet dress.

J-Lo has got that white thing going on with her eye make-up, her look is just all wrong. How does she always manage to get it totally wrong or sooooo wrong?!

Kyra S looks younger every single year - that's weird!

And Ricky Gervais - Jane looks good but Ricky, where did it all go wrong?!

Unknown said...
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Beth said...

Marky Mark's wife is my new girl crush.

Mrs. M said...

Loving the emerald green dresses. Can't wait to watch the show, even if I already know what everyone wore and who won!! :)

Macey said...

What the hell is Heidi Klum wearing? Christian Bale. RAWR.

TLF said...

Could Rita not find something that fit her BOOBS??! Sheesh!
Heidi's toes are creeping me out!!
JLo looks like a tard! Her makeup sucks and I hate her hair like that!
Kevin Bacon looks so old and so skinny! But I love Kira's dress!!
Marky W's gf.. loving her dress!!

AMY said...

Love Tom and Rita.....beautiful couple!
And also Mark Walberg and wife...HOT!

But I think Bruce Willis looks like a really OLD OLD man with his new young tall wife. Boy does she age him a lot!

Unknown said...

I thought Michael Douglas looked great! I think Heidi and Seal are just gross.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I'm going to have to write Mrs. Walhberg a letter... when you hold that man's hand you SMILE REAL BIG! At least I know I would. I actually think that Christian's hair while I usually hate it... looks better than his wife's hair in that image. I"m sort of jealous of it. I bet he did NOTHING to it!

Anonymous said...

I hope when I'm older I look like Rita Wilson.

Actually... I wish I could look like Rita Wilson now. DAMN.

SharleneT said...

Downey has the look of a man who has finally tamed his demons -- kudos!

Christina said...

I think Jon and Jennifer are perfection! Ricky Gervais was looking good too. I’ve loved him for years and years and years. I thought he was hilarious and think people need to calm down about him being too over the top. I liked Robert Downy Jr’s grey suit a lot. Heidi and Seal…no. Kyra Sedgwick was gorgeous! Loved her dress! I like Megan and Brian together too.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Brad and Angie always looks great together. The color is fab on her, but I think the dress is kind of boring.

I think that was my theme for the night. I felt generally bored. I don't know why. I usually live for this stuff. I guess it's maybe just starting to feel the same. Predictable.

Kyra Sedgwick's wardrobe selections are always unfortunate.

Ian said...

Tom Hanks WIFE FTW

McGriddle Pants said...

Seal... those shoes... WHY?!

RDJ... my boyfriend... such a hottie.

Micheal Doughles!! FTW!! :)

Unknown said...

I think Angelina's dress looks like its for a grandma...just sayin'. I love Nicole! :)