February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Fashion
Musical Men

Mario Lopez

Matthew Morrison

John Mayer

Justin Bieber

Russell Brand

Adam Levine

Ricky Martin


Lenny Kravitz

Kevin McHale

Bruno Mars

Adam Lambert


Lil Wayne

John Mayer, you are not Johnny Depp.
One of Bieber's people should have told him not to wear white.
Russell looks odd without facial hair, but I still love him.
Ricky's pants are nuthuggin' tight, but it's ok.
Usher could do better, but he's Usher so I forgive him.
Kevin from Glee thinks he's James Bond. Um, no.
Bruno Mars is a pimp. He's my new fave.
Gay or not, Adam is hot.
Lil Wayne's wearing slacks and a sweater. I'm impressed.

This Group = Bruno Wins; Bieber Loses


Melissa said...

Lil Wayne scares me...


Anonymous said...

Bruno Mars and Kevin McHale look really good (I'm ok with Kevin being a bit overly cool at the Grammys because the poor guy wears ugly sweaters on TV every week)

and Adam Lambert... I wish you were straight. (but next time spray tan your hands the same color as the rest of your body, please)

Unknown said...

I was less than impressed with the guys outfits, but I do think Johnny Depp should sue John Mayer for copyright infringement.

Gosfam said...

I agree Justin's outfit was not a smart move, I love Bruno Mars, and I have to agree Adam Lambert looks good.

Macey said...

OMG. Ricky. Oh so hot. The pants? Oh so not.
Bruno Mars looks like he's from the 50's.
Adam Lambert: so pretty. Why do I love the guyliner??

Unknown said...

I love me some Ricky Martin, what WAS he thinking with those trousers tho??!!

The Random Blogette said...

I think that John Mayer looks like crap! When did he turn into the creepy uncle?

Julie Leah said...

Oooh, Bruno Mars. I love you all day, boy. Mmmm, mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Justin and Ricky were laughable. John looked ridiculous, too. I LOVE me some Adam Levine but those pants/boots did not work for him. Adam Lambert looked like Adam Lambert on any given day. Bruno Mars definately rocked it though.

TLF said...

I'm just not a fan of the teeny tiny boys pants. It kinda scares me!

Courtney said...

Biebs shouldn't have worn white! Mario Lopez is yummy! When I saw John Mayer I thought he was Johnny Depp! Bruno definitely wins, though. Sexyy!

nikkinicolealison said...

P-Diddy or whatever his name is today has more money than everyone at the Grammys combined and he dressed like he was going to a local chain steakhouse or something for a last minute valentine's day dinner with a blind date. I was NOT impressed.
The men really didn't do much for me. And why is Mario Lopez at the Grammys? Why is he even still around?

AMY said...

Only two I like are Mario and Bruno!
The rest look stupid or ridiculous.