February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Fashion

Naya Rivera

Amber Riley

Julianne Hough

Miley Cyrus

Nicole Kidman

Nicki Minaj

Eva La Rue

Natasha Bedingfield

Naya's dress is the wrong color and style. It's funky in a bad way.
Amber usually looks so good. I'm not a fan of this at all.
I love the cut and style of Julianne's dress, but I don't love the print. I'm picky about prints though.
What can I say about Miley? I saw way too much sideboob last night. It wasn't appropriate for any age.
I'll give Nicole Kidman props for wearing a dress that isn't nude.
Nicki can rap, but she can't dress.
Eva looks like she's going clubbing.
This picture doesn't do Natasha's dress justice. It looked so pretty on tv. I don't like her hair though.

This Group = Nicole & Natasha Win


AMY said...

LOVE these........Except Miley's (looks like her mom..a cougar) and Nicki (scary)!

The rest I think look fantastic!!!

Melissa said...

I love how cute and perky Naya looks her legs look awesome! But I dont know about that color for the grammys I think she needed something a little more. Julianne Hough looks stunning. Myley Cyrus were you hittin the unmentionable again? Um Ncki Minaj that you arent lady Gaga and you already have a big bum... the other 2 are ok


Anonymous said...

Naya is normally stunning, but that dress and those shoes are NOT flattering... chicken legs come to mind.

Miley was one of my faves of the night!! Say what you want about her antics, but I do love her formalwear.

Unknown said...

I liked Julianne's dress, but the print was a bit so-so. Nicki Minaj... I have no words.

Macey said...

I love that there's a fat chick. That is all.

Tracy said...

Nicki Minaj coming out in that outfit right after classy-looking Barbara Streisand sang that beautiful throw-back song was an interesting visual comparison. It just didn't seem like the right act to follow.

Anonymous said...

Again...unfortunately not a fan of any of these though I usually love Amber's ouotfits (being a big girl myself) I loved the cot of the dress but not the pattern.

TLF said...

I'm not a fan of any of them.. and Julianne usually does so well!!

Courtney said...

I love Julianne's dress!

Christina said...

I think Nicole was my favorite! I liked Julianne's a lot too!