February 28, 2011

2011 Oscar Fashion
The Blacks + The Whites

Nicole Kidman

Celine Dion

Reese Witherspoon

Sharon Stone

Helena Bonham Carter

Cheryl Hines

Busy Phillips

Virginia Madsen

Nicole's dress is all kinds of wrong. And why is she wearing red shoes?
Celine looks amazing in this fitted dress. You go, girl.
I love Reese's hair. The dress is ok.
Sharon looked great on tv. I swear.
HBC is odd, but I love her. I give her props for being consistent. {Is her fan actually a purse? Love.}
The rest? Boring. Prom. Boring.


Unknown said...

Um... what was Nicole thinking? Very strange...

I love Reese Witherspoon, but the fake ponytail, not so much.

Didn't Celine Dion just have TWO babies?!?

Unknown said...

Totally agree :)

Nicole - really awful...and wear some colour for goodness sake!

Reese - so boring & why the ponytail?

Sharon Stone - so beautiful but that dress was awful, way too much make-up - and surgery. First time I saw her last night, I had to look twice to see it was her.

HBC - love her but wish she had smiled more, every photo I have seen, she is scowling!

Celine Dion is my fave out of this lot :)

Anonymous said...

I love Reese's look! The dress is so simple, but it looks so good.

Busy Phillips looks cute, too :)

Sharon Stone looks ill :S

Cathy said...

Nicole Kidman tried...but failed.

Celine looks great!

Reese is cute as a button.

Sharon Stone is scary.

Helena is quirky and fun.

Cheryl looks fine. Busy and Virginia look wrong.

Bdubs said...

Sharon looks like the black swan! What the heck is that?

Karen M. Peterson said...

Agree, agree, agree.

Helena is awesome just because she doesn't care. And I really think she wouldn't look like herself if she showed up in some gorgeous gown. She's different.

Sharon Stone looks scary. And why was she there anyway?

TLF said...

Nicole- no, no, no!!
Celine- my fav! stunning!
I don't like Reese's hair that that. Makes her look supa young.
Sharon Stone looks like Cruella De'Vil from 101 Dalmations.. haha!!