February 28, 2011

2011 Oscar Fashion
Red Hot Sirens

Jennifer Lawrence

Sandra Bullock

Anne Hathaway

Jennifer's hair and makeup look great, but the dress is too plain. It looks like a long tankini.
I don't know that I've ever seen Sandra in red. I love this look. She looks great.
Anne's dress isn't ugly, but it's not my thing. I've seen it a thousand times before.


Unknown said...

Wasn't that dress so plain!? A simple jeweled belt or even a small brooch would have changed the entire look!

Unknown said...

I saw a comment somewhere that said Jennifer L's dress was too "Baywatch" on the top half - I thought she looked beautiful on the red carpet but yes, it was a little plain.

Sandy B - beautiful but I thought she looked tired and had such sad eyes last night, her smile seemed really forced :(

Anne H - hated the bottom of the dress, so 1980's!

Melissa said...

I agree the top of her dress was little baywatch! lol. As for Sandra I dont know I think the top made her boobies look odd and shes gorgeous but for some reason I think she looks washed out. Im not digging the red lips, or Anne's dress


Cathy said...

Jennifer Lawrence is so close. She just needed a little something to dress it up more.

Sandy looks good.

Anne's dress doesn't do much for me.

Karen M. Peterson said...

When I saw Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, SHE was who I saw as Katniss. Her dress is boring, though.

TLF said...

Jennifer!!! all the way! Stunning!