February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Fashion
Very Interesting

Katy Perry



Oh, Katy... we get it. You're quirky. If you're supposed to be an angel, it's not working.
I heart Florence from Florence + the Machine. There's swans on the bodice of her dress. It's an interesting choice, but it suits her.
Most people shouldn't wear Ciara's dress, but it sort of works for her. The shoes kind of ruin it though.

This Group = Florence Wins


AMY said...

This just makes me dislike Katy Perry even more.....UGH I'm so sick of her.

There's something about Ciara's dress that I LOVE! Looks great on her....love it!!! Yes the shoes are bad though.

Melissa said...

Katy Perri annoys the hell out of me. I hate her wannabe pin up image. Don't get me wrong her songs minus california girl are ok but im just not into her image at all and it looks shes wrapped in a garbage bag in that dress.

I love the top of Ciaras dress but the bottom so unflattering I think she kind of looks like a cheap stripper from the hips down. just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think I might hate Katy Perry so much out of jealousy... but then again Zooey Deschanel looks exactly the same and I really like HER. Yeah, Katy Perry is just annoying.

Florence looks really cool in that dress.

Unknown said...

I love the wispy skirt portion of Ciara's dress, but the rest... just something about it doesn't mesh for me. Katy Perry looks like someone just taped some fabric to her.

Macey said...

The top two are definitely bird like.
The bottom one...weird.

Anonymous said...

I thought Florence was gorgeous. Katy is quirky and I love her risks (unlike most of Gaga's) but this one was a bit much. Could have done without the wings.

TLF said...

Hmmm... Such pretty girls. Such horrible taste.

Courtney said...

I kinda like Ciara's dress. Florence's dress definitely works for her. I wouldn't wear it, though.

nikkinicolealison said...

I wish Katy stuck with the classic pin-up image and dressed that way. She could have worn an elegant wiggle dress. I don't know, it was a definite miss for me.
I prefer classic old Hollywood looks. Glamour Glamour Glamour!